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'The Division' will be scored by Ola Strandh, info on weapons, PvP & more found

Excited for The Divison? This guy is.
Excited for The Divison? This guy is.
Permission to use photo given by Ubisoft

With only weeks before we get to E3 2014, Massive Entertainment, along with the rest of the gaming industry, are all getting ready to show the latest projects they've been working on, and of those, none are more anticipated than Tom Clancy's The Division. While not a whole lot is known about The Division, we have new information to share with you today regarding the game's score, weapons, armor and PvP.

A title's score is always a very important part of a game. It can set the mood and tone for a scene and an entire game altogether. A game's score is a crucial part of the overall ambiance and feel of a game. Massive Entertainment revealed via their forums that their score will indeed be created by Ola Strandh.

"We have an awesome composer at Massive creating every single [track] for The Division, Ola Strandh. He's working with the Realization Director and the Audio Director to find a fresh approach to the music.

"It is hard to say exactly where we will end up with the music at this time in terms of 'genre', but it will be great," Massive said.

Ola is no stranger to working with Massive Entertainment as he has also scored previous games like World in Conflict, Ground Control and Ground Control II: Operation Exodus. Strandh does have some experience scoring a film as well. He created the soundtrack for the Swedish drama The Last Day.

Some other information surrounding The Division that we managed to uncover is an example of a non-lethal weapon that players can use. This item is one that both enemies and players can use.

"Yes, there will be non-lethal weaponry available to both enemies and players. Smoke, to block line of sight and create diversions is a good example," Massive said.

Additional information surrounding a player's ability to upgrade or downgrade their armor were dropped. Apparently The Division players will be able to "modify their hit points and armor in different ways." Equipping different gear is one example of doing that.

Massive went on to talk about how The Division's PvP will be "meaningful and suspenseful." Finally, as players will move from "playing alone, to playing in a group, to playing PvP, [it] will all be handled with very little or no interruption."

Since The Division was initially revealed last year at E3 2013, Massive Entertainment has been very upfront about their desire to keep details and information surrounding the game at a minimum. They have this desire in the hopes of keeping the feeling of discovery and exploration as high as it can be for players.

It's actually a refreshing way to approach selling a game to people and isn't one we see too often. Not revealing everything about The Division prior to launch will ultimately end up benefiting players the most. Discovery and exploration are going to be at the heart of The Division and we'll all find out just what that's like when it launches sometime next year.

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