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'The Division' is about traditional exploring, says Massive Entertainment

Excited for The Division to hit?
Excited for The Division to hit?

This past Saturday evening, we were presented with yet another impressive display of visuals and power that The Division will be bringing to players' living rooms next year.

Massive Entertainment's director of communications Martin Hultberg did take the time to speak a little bit about the game's world, what it's about and how difficult it was to come up with an idea for the Tom Clancy series that hadn't been done before.

"It’s difficult. It’s a very big city! Like all games, you have to sacrifice some things for the benefit of gameplay, or storytelling, or just for pure production. But we’re trying to push as close as we can.

"The game is about exploration in a more traditional sense – adventuring. You have to allow players to go wherever and do whatever, in whatever order they like, which requires a different type of storytelling. It’s about freedom: everything is about the player, and the narrative has to fit around those constraints. We want everybody to experience different things, and have their own The Division story.

"Clancy units traditionally stop the threat from happening. We thought, ‘Why don’t we take it further and enter a mid-crisis situation where something did happen and nobody managed to stop it?’ Then, as events unfold, someone has to take care of it. That would be The Division," Hultberg said.

While we do not know an exact release date for The Division, we expect to hear much more about this game as we get into the year 2014.

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