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'The Division' devs talk in-game seasons, building access and 72 hours of gear

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Since The Division was unveiled this past June at E3 2013, the only season we've seen the game in has been winter, and with some new information that has come to light, we may have some indication as to how weather may or may not change in The Division.

In an interview discovered by, Mathias Karlson and Axel Rydby, who are The Division's lead game designer and design director, respectively, discussed whether or not players will be seeing other seasons of New York, besides winter.

"A day/night cycle yes. When it comes to the season, we're extremely aware of that in an open-world game with exploration and all of that, contrast is very important and if you think about New York City, it's a very contrasting place in itself.

"There are a lot of different cultures and visuals in the city. We're also looking at some fun ways of making sure that there will be variety in the world as you progress through it." Karlson said.

"The immersion and fidelity of the world is very core to our philosophy, so with weather changing and day/night changing dynamically, those are going to be very big parts to the game." Rydby said.

So with the weather changing dynamically, it will be interesting to see if players' will be impacted by severe weather conditions that come up, and if that will force them to go inside buildings while that happens. One of the burning questions we've had about this game since it was shown at E3 is will players be able to enter all buildings and if not, what will be accessible?

Rydby discussed the size of New York and did confirm that being indoors will be a major part of The Division's gameplay experience.

"If we look at New York and it's a massive city, and it's about diversity, not only in culture and architecture, but also in terms of themes and moving through the world, that is going to be something that we are trying to capitalize on the fidelity of it and trying to stay true to the spirit of New York.

"As you saw at E3, going into the police station, saving the police officers there. Going indoor is going to be very frequent and we're working on making sure that we have a lot of indoor locations. Yes we're going to have rooftops, epic vistas and [players will] be able to walk down Broadway and those types of things." Rydby said.

Common sense tells you that it would be nearly impossible for developers to make a fully scaled New York City and allow every single building to be accessible. Having said that, Massive does intend to make indoor gameplay a very significant portion of the game, so we could end up being able to open many doors.

The two then talked about what players will be starting out with when they first start out playing The Division.

"When we start the game, the player's character only has his go-bag with him, right? When it becomes activated, that's the only thing he can really bring with him. In that go-bag he roughly has 72 hours of supplies, he's got his weapons and his gear, and that's what he starts with.

"Then when moving throughout the world, it's going to be a lot about looting and acquiring new gear as you progress. We're focusing a lot on the RPG aspects of the game since we are very much an RPG, so acquiring loot and gearing up your character is going to be a very big part of the game." Rydby said.

"As we also communicated during E3, it's a classless structure, you don't pick one class upfront, it's something you grow into as you make decisions throughout the game. As you see what is available to you, you make some tough but fun choices." Karlson said.

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Thanks, TheDivision-France.


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