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The Division co-op: Massive says collaboration 'crucial' for exciting experience

Ready for The Division?
Ready for The Division?
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Tom Clancy's The Division is one of those games where we feel like we've heard a lot about it, but we still have a ton of questions surrounding it. Massive Entertainment has wanted to remain quiet on quite a few details about the game, but when it comes to the game's co-op experience, it's important to be collaborative.

Just how collaborative do you need to be? Well, it sounds like that will be a very important of progressing through the game. In an interview published by, Massive Entertainment spoke about how important it will be for players to collaborate between each other.

"We have built The Division with co-op and multiplayer in mind. While we think that the game is best played with a group of friends, we want you to be able to visit the streets of New York at any time, even if this means going in alone. That’s why it’s important for us to make it easy to drop in (and out) of co- op and multiplayer at all times.

"Collaboration within the group and between different play styles and skills is crucial for an exciting co-op experience; we have designed the skills and tools with this idea in mind. Someone who likes to play as a more aggressive agent will discover that those choices [synch] really well with the defensive skill choices we have, and vice versa.

"Players will be able to switch skills on the fly, which means that it’s easy for the group to adapt their approach and maximize the synergies within the group to fit whatever challenge they’re facing in the game," Massive said.

Sorry single-player people, while it looks like The Division will allow you to play by yourself, the true experience of the game will lie within the realm of co-op or competitive multiplayer. That may be a disappointment for some and not a difference for others, but it's a definitive step this game is taking.

Co-op is an obvious trend in the gaming industry, just look at the types of games that are releasing this year and next. Co-op has some presence in most games nowadays, even if it's not the main focus. While it's certainly a trend, single-player games are still something people want in this industry. It's great to have a choice for which one you want to go with, and it'll be interesting to see what type of experience is afforded to single-players when they get into The Division.

Tom Clancy's The Division will be launching sometime during the next year. It will be available only on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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