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'The Division' boss: 'The right business to me is to have a great product'

Massive on their theory behind making games.
Massive on their theory behind making games.

Some companies in the gaming industry are primarily focused on and concerned with making money that they forget about what is the true revenue generator, providing quality games for consumers to invest in.

Recently, Massive Entertainment's managing director David Polfeldt expressed his view on something that all publishers constantly have to decide where their priorities lie, making a great game or making money?

"It's an interesting time in the games industry. Either we talk about how to make money on games, or how to create great games. For me, it's all about creating great games. Because if you were able to tell a great immersive story, people can make money on that.

"That's been working for thousands of years; that's a model that we understand. And I'm personally quite concerned there's so much talk now about how to make more money, or what is the right business model.

"Because I'm thinking... the right business to me is to have a great product. That's the only business model I believe in," Polfeldt said.

It's not a secret that making great games coincides with making money, but some publishers portray a view that is contrary to this sentiment. As any successful businessman will tell you, you must generate quality products for consumers or you will not last.

From the decisions we've seen Ubisoft make with their titles, it's clear they have a game's quality in mind the most, versus the impulse to release a buggy, broken game. Some distributors could learn from Ubisoft's policy on releasing games.

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