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The Division and Ubisoft show off more Snowdrop engine from GDC

Ubisoft has just released some astonishing video of the horsepower behind the gorgeous looking PS4 and Xbox One title, The Division.

Ubisoft shows off Snowdrop engine in latest video for 'The Division'
Ubisoft shows off Snowdrop engine in latest video for 'The Division' (photo via

"We wanted to go better, not bigger," says Anders Holmquist, Technical Director at Ubisoft, "and we wanted to be smart, and not rely on brute force."

The relatively short video from GDC 2014 delves into the flexibility of the Snowdrop engine, showing how designers can quickly iterate, change, and enhance environments on the fly. Also revealed are some previously unknown assets like a four legged drone, a variant of a small flying drone, and some quite large exterior wooded areas.

While Ubisoft and developer Massive don't reveal any new details about the story, or settings we might see in The Division it may put some at ease to see the engine coming along quite well, and developers citing the ease of use within the engine.

The Division has yet to get a release date, with many fearing that the title may slip into 2015 from it's current TBA 2014 status. After a rumor circulated that a source within Ubisoft stated the 2014 release was "laughable", Ubisoft announced that Ubisoft Reflections would join Massive and that the title was indeed, right on schedule.'

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