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The Divine Promotion

“Resolve not to allow doubt to enter your mind. Reject every thought of failure and doubt. Reject every dream, vision, and prophecy that tells you that your prayers are not answered.” ~D. K. Olukoya

“What is man that You take thought of him, And the son of man that You care for him? Yet You have made him a little lower than God.” (Psalm 8)

The Bible says wisdom is the principal thing. In scripture wisdom is personified as a person, the most desirable thing to gain. Wisdom opens doors where ignorance closes them. Wisdom brings freedom where ignorance leads to bondage. In the book of Proverbs over and over the king shares that wisdom is to be most highly praised because it is the most valuable possession one can have.

Dr. Olukoya shares that wisdom is the mind of Christ revealed to those who seek God.

In the Hebrew Scriptures Joseph is sold into slavery by his vindictive and jealous brothers. He excelled as a slave and gets noticed by those around him, so much so he is placed in charge of the ruler’s home. Once there he is double-crossed by another vindictive and jealous person and ends up in prison.

In prison he excels and once again catches everyone’s attention. First he oversaw the prison, then he is put in charge of the Palace. The Bible says he was then second only to Pharaoh, with all of Egypt in his hand. Godly wisdom guided Joseph in his decisions and attitudes, and in the end men overflowed in their giving to him (Luke 6:38).

Daniel was another who had uncommon wisdom because he sought to do right and justly and to honor God with his life and decisions. We are told that he was placed over 120 princes (Daniel 6), an honor only two others were given.

His spirit of excellence led him to serve under four kings as their trusted advisor and second in command. You can learn more about Daniel at Cleveland's Old Stone Church.

As Dr. Olukoya shares, wisdom does at least three things in our lives. It will promote us, once we are faithful in the little things we are then put in charge of much.

Second, wisdom brings honor to those who use her wisely. As Daniel and Joseph experienced, once they were wise in how they handled the affairs of life, those around them sought them for advice.

Thirdly, wisdom leads to glory. To be outstanding means to “stand out” from the rest of the crowd. Once we reach that level of excellence, the rewards of our efforts are given.

Divine promotion begins with seeking wisdom, which truly is the principal thing.

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