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The disturbing transformation of Heidi Montag


Photo by: Glenn Francis via Wiki commons

Let's be honest.  Most women have body imperfections that they would love to have magically corrected.  Age, hormones, pregnancy, and life in general can sometimes harshly appear on our hips, stomach, and thighs.  The thought of having those imperfections surgically removed has probably crossed our minds and some women may even decide to have a procedure or two. 

Then there is the story of reality t.v. personality Heidi Montag.  Who, at age 23, has had more procedures than most of us would ever consider having.  Montag's journey into plastic surgery started in April 2007 with a breast augmentation, collagen lip injections, and rhinoplasty.   For a young woman, living in Los Angeles and appearing regularly on television, those initial procedures did not bring a lot of cause for alarm. 

But something shifted for Montag in late 2009.  She announced in a People magazine interview earlier this year that she had undergone an additional 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day!  The procedures have taken a toll on Montag's body and she even had trouble breathing in recovery.  She was quoted in the magazine as saying "For the past three years, I've thought about what to have done, I am beyond obsessed!"  Montag revealed her face and body for People magazine and appeared to look drastically different than her former self. 

Montag's own Mother was horrified by her daughter's transformation.  Montag was quoted in People magazine saying "I never thought in my wildest dreams she was going to react the way she did."  She went on to say that her mother  "...was looking at me almost like a zoo animal.  It wasn't like I was her daughter anymore.  She was looking at me like I was a circus freak,".   Montag herself is still coping with the physical and psychological consequences of her surgeries. Click here to see the new Heidi Montag.

Included in the many procedures Montag had done was a brow lift, a second rhinoplasty, liposuction on her buttocks, stomach, and thighs, and her breast size increased to a triple D.   She also had fat injected into her lips and cheeks, as well as her ears pinned back.  Heidi's outspoken husband of one-year, Spencer Pratt, wasn't too thrilled about her having the surgeries done.  Often seen as the villain on their reality t.v. show The Hills, Spencer actually had to nurse Heidi back to health after all of her procedures.  But talking Montag out of having more surgery was not an option for Pratt.  He said in People Magazine "I'm not in charge of what she does with any part of her body.  I'm her husband - not her owner."

Now, as the country obsesses with Heidi's plastic surgery obsession, she prepares to reveal even more of herself in Playboy magazine.  This is the second time that The Hills star posed for the magazine.  As Heidi continues to give interviews about "inner beauty" and being a role model for young girls, people across the nation find themselves very bothered by the spectacle of her desperate transformation and her journey to feel "perfect".   All the while, Montag insists she'll have more procedures. 

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Click here to see video of Montag giving an interview after her surgeries (as shown by Huffington Post).


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