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The disturbing Facebook 'selfie' that saved this woman's life

A Kentucky woman used Facebook to report an incident of domestic violence
A Kentucky woman used Facebook to report an incident of domestic violence

When Susann Stacy, of Leslie County, Kentucky, posted a "selfie" on her Facebook page, she was definitely looking for attention.

But she wasn't looking to show off. She was looking to be saved.

"Help please anyone" the status read. The photo attached to the status (Graphic, NSFW), a self-portrait of woman bruised and beaten. Her face, covered in blood, with cuts and bruises all over, and tears running down her eyes.

A result, according to Stacy, of her husband beating her over the head numerous times with a handgun. In his rage, the husband, Donnie Stacy had ripped out the phone lines to prevent Susann from calling authorities.

Her only chance at help, a WiFi connection and social media.

Luckily, help soon arrived in the form of a friend who saw the picture and immediately dialed 911. When police arrived, they found Susann bleeding with several lacerations on her head. A gruesome scene, indeed, and one that could have been exponentially worse had she not been able to access social media.

Donnie Stacy had already left the house by the time police arrived, but was arrested nearby soon after. The handgun was recovered, hidden near a tire swing used by their kids. Donnie Stacy was charged with assault and is awaiting trial in Leslie County.

This is not the first time social media has been used as a cry for help. In late 2012, an Oklahoma woman used her laptop and Facebook to report a robbery happening in her home.

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