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The District of Columbia is officially the coolest city in America

Washington is a very cool city
Washington is a very cool city
Photo by Professor Metze

New York City is the first city that the present writer remembers as a child. Leading the class in 1963 in singing, Here We Go Loop De Loop, at the Bryant School in a suburb of New York City is a memory hard to forget. However, the memory of seeing the sky scrapers in New York City always takes the writer back to 1959. New York City is awe inspiring; however, Washington, the District of Columbia, puts the cool in cool.

Having been a professor in Washington for over a quarter of a century, there is no mistake that this city, which promoted the health and safety of a baby into a healthy adult, and gave the writer the honor of teaching and guiding over 10,000 students over the years, makes every street in the District part of the greatest experiences ever--teaching the most wonderful young adult students that any professor could ask to teach. There is no question that Washington, the District of Columbia is the coolest city on the planet.

After being named Professor of the Year at Howard University the present writer promised that he would never teach at any university that competes with Howard University. He has kept that promise for a quarter of a century. With the Moorland-Spingarn Collection, the National Archives, and the Library of Congress, Howard University offers young adult students among the best research support of any university in America.

Now that Washington, D.C. has been named as the coolest city in America it is a done deal. Students who study in Washington have an excellent Metro system, a supportive Metropolitan Police Department, and some of the best customer service in the nation. After first arriving in the city to cover the Windfall Profits Tax Protest in March of 1980, from the first night at the Capitol Skyline Hotel in March of 1980 until being honored with years of support as a professor, Washington has been a great city to live and work.

Mayor Vincent Gray is proud of the news that two different organizations have recently published indices ranking the District the nation’s coolest and fittest city. The customer service at locations across the city played a major role in the high rating that the Capitol City received.

Forbes magazine released its 2014 “America’s Coolest Cities” list with the District beating out contenders such as Seattle, Austin and San Francisco for the top honors. The American College of Sports Medicine also recently released its 7th annual American Fitness Index® (AFI) report, which named the District the nation’s fittest city ahead of such recreation-rich cities as Denver; San Francisco; and Portland, Ore.

“Once again, the District of Columbia has been independently ranked the best city in the country in two new major quality-of-life categories, and I continue to be incredibly proud of our amazing city. We will add these honors to the ever-growing list of accolades the District has won in recent years in categories ranging from cultural amenities to environmental sustainability to economic growth. The nation’s capital is truly the best place in America to live – and we now have ample independent assessments in a variety of areas to prove it,” Gray said.

The Forbes ranking took into account such factors as arts and cultural amenities, recreational and sports resources, ethnic and cultural diversity, dining options, population growth, and the portion of the population between the ages of 20 and 34. The AFI rankings took into account indicators of personal health as well as indicators of environmental and community health and sustainability.

Those who have lived in Washington for 20, 30, 40, or 50 years know what a cool city DC is to all residents. Now the nation can take pride in their Capitol City. Washington is a great city to visit. It is a city of efficiency and service. It is a great place to live. And it is a cool city.

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