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The dish on Davanni's

the dish on Davanni's
the dish on Davanni's

Last night I decided to visit Davanni's, a favorite QSR eatery among Minnesotans.  As we know, Chicago style deep dish is like crack to me, so I figured Davanni's needed a fair shake in the battle of crusts and sauces.

Unfortunately, Davanni's has a few things working against it if you're me. When I go to restaurants for dinner I liked to be served, I don't generally enjoy fast food and I really hate standing in front of a menu board with the pressure on while I make a decision. I also don't like waiting for my name to be called so I can go fetch my vittles.  That said, if you take out all the fast  "foodishness" that I have issues with, I'd say for what they offer Davanni's does it well. 

I had a pleasant ordering experience, the place is clean and the pizza and hoagies are pretty good. I liked the rich and flavorful sauce although I think there should have been more of it. I would like to have seen a few more pepperonis but I have an addiction so that isn't their fault. The buttery crust and amount of cheese were to my liking and overall I give it a thumbs up. 

In addition to pizzas and hoagies, they offer calzones, pastas and salads to round out the menu.   

Davanni's didn't blow my mind, but if you are looking for a quick service, affordable and decent meal, I'd give them a shot. They may not be my cup of tea for dinner, but I do consider them a rock solid lunch destination. 

Additionally, five varieties of Davanni's deep dish pizzas are available in the freezers of many of our local "full service" groceries such as Lund's and Cub Foods. You can also buy their sauce at grocery which is a favorite of mine for making my homemade Chicago style deep dish.  

To find the Davanni's near you click here.


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