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The disenchantment of Obama

The disenchantment of Obama. When Barack Obama launched his presidential campaign, he was hardly a known entity. But with the help of domestic terrorist and one-percenter, Bill Ayers, and a fawning, corrupt media, they provided a victorious path to the White House. He promised to heal the planet and vanquish all strife.

He fell a little short, maybe an entire universe. The world is in absolute upheaval. Iraq is being overtaken by a barbaric Islamic group, ISIS. The conditions in Iraq at the time of American troop withdrawal were stable. The surge under President Bush’s command was successful defeating the radical forces. The United States had an obligation to preserve stability in Iraq. Obama felt otherwise and ordered a complete withdrawal.

The recent Supreme Court rulings striking down Obama’s recess appointment and protecting the First Amendment and freedom of religion infuriated Obama. Yet he promised the rule of law would be touchstone of his administration. That was the one of the first lies he told the country and he hasn’t stopped.

He’s blaming Congress for the collapse of the Southern Border where tens of thousands of children are pouring into the country. He’s doing absolutely nothing but challenging Congress to ‘sue him.’ He hasn’t been to the border or any refugee center where the people are being housed. These children are riddled with contagious diseases such as lice and scabies. Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine was denied access to observe the situation. The suspicions of Obama transforming America are quite evident. The results are absolutely frightening.

Instead of securing the border, which is his duty, Obama thinks immigration reform would solve the crisis in Texas. One only has to recall the administration’s mishandling of Obamacare and the Tsarnaev brothers. That will cease the immigration reform debate.

The only consolation are his sinking polling numbers. A recent Quinnipiac Poll reported he is the worst president since World War II. He has a 37% job approval and 55% think he is unable to lead. The hard lesson for America on the July 4th Weekend is we can no longer be apathetic and uninformed about our elected officials. Our freedom is too valuable to entrust deceiving elected officials.

Final Thought: God Bless the people of Murrieta, California. It is their country.

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