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The disease may be the cure

The human condition is crying out for physical, mental and spiritual health.
The human condition is crying out for physical, mental and spiritual health.

It’s easy to see how illnesses like colds or flu could actually be the cure. These types of illnesses, that come and go in a few days, may provide some kind of cleansing, resting, pampering and dosing of sympathy that we need to recharge ourselves and distance ourselves from the stress of everyday living.

For example, fever and sweat help eliminate toxicity from our bodies. Science has already realized that the fever that comes along with the flu or cold, may have a purifying and sterilizing effect that could kill off harmful pathogens. And all that gurgley coughing and constant running of mucous toward our orifices, is our body’s way of rejecting the residue from dairy-ladened diets, and carrying along with it any biological garbage it comes across on the way out.

The value of vomiting violently and then sitting quietly on the throne with a bout of diarrhea can’t be ignored. The cleansing of the digestive tract that has been bombarded with preservatives, chemicals, drugs, bad water, pepperoni pizzas and a million other products that tasted good but had no nutritional value, may be a good thing. The lack of food intake or “repulsed by food” fasting may turn out to be a positive step to health.

The illness and the treatment thereof, may provide a form of psychological relief that medicines and doctors don’t often address. To just lay in bed in our pj’s, on a cold winter’s day, when we’ve already called off from work and sympathy is pouring in from our friends and family, can be a sorely needed respite. It has all of the characteristics of an under-the weather “staycation.” We’re waited upon, fawned over, sympathized and empathized to death, all for the benefit of our fragile psyches. We often come back to life after a short illness with a new resolve, a better attitude and a cleaner body.

But you must be thinking, “Sure, that all seems possible but how could heart attacks and cancer be the cure?” These illnesses may be providing the mental, emotional and spiritual situations that had been lacking in our lives. They may be the cure for what ales civilization. Serious illness is a wake-up call. It has a way of making us look at our lives in ways we had not previously considered. It has a way of bringing family and friends together in a circle of compassion and concern that was difficult to replicate before the illness. Although the illness is centered in the body, the rest of our lives from finances to conversations with the Creator are affected.

Then there’s the haunting truth that the illness was created by us and us alone. From colds to cancer, the disease may not have been randomly selected by some biological agent that happened to be drifting through our bodies at the time but something purposely called in and allowed to take root, to provide us with something that was missing in our lives.

Our mind and mental state can profoundly affect our physical body, our spiritual experience, and our overall quality of life. The mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected, so when one is affected, the other two suffer. There’s no doubt that things like anger, resentment, revenge, grief, worry, jealousy and all of the pitfalls of the human heart can deplete our energy, affect our immune system and create chaos throughout all the planes of existence. Every cell of our being sympathizes and responds to the positive and negative states that our mind is experiencing.

There’s a deep psychology behind the creation of disease from our own mind. We usually are unaware that we create them, but we create them nevertheless. When considering accidents, illnesses and diseases, we need to emphasize that we create these things so that we can learn to accept them. From there we can work with the conditions in which we find ourselves. We can then examine how and why we created these realities and experiences in the first place. It may even be the case that we have created doctors and medicine to provide elaborate excuses for why we made ourselves sick, but that’s a thought that comes from outside the box.

The knowledge of cause and effect will help to get rid of many long-standing problems. When illness strikes, we need to work on every part of our being in order to get to the total state of holistic healing.

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