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The disastrous growth of government jobs

An excellent article the Washington Post today discusses the renewed health of manufacturing jobs in America, although surrounds that point with all sorts of caveats. Take nothing away from Lydia Depillis’ story except that it may have the wrong headline.

Look at government job growth compared with other categories
FRED,, Washington Post

“Manufacturing is doing great — but not for workers. Here’s what that means.”

True is that manufacturing industry is performing well economically, and that does not mean an increase in employment opportunity for workers. All of the hype about “in-shoaring” by President Obama was just more of his style of incessant talking. One chart that shows the relative growth in numbers of jobs by category reveals that growth in government jobs is off the chart compared with everything else. That is another Obama disaster. You see, when people work for government they are not contributing to the gross domestic product. Industry that produces products for sale in the global market are what grow the economy that generates revenue to pay for government. When government employment is outpacing other categories, it means government is continuing to expand beyond our capacity to afford it. The headline should be, “Explosive growth in government jobs is nearly as bad as starting another war.

Government spending is excessive, and that is why the budget must be reduced by $10 trillion over the next 10 years, and not the Paul Ryan budget that reduces it by half that amount. To get government spending back in bounds requires not only addressing the spending part of the equation. What is needed is for the nation to generate more revenue. Generating more revenue means inventing, innovating, and producing new products and new business units. Just creating jobs of any kind is unacceptable. The role of government is to create an optimal environment in which business and industry can flourish and expand. The challenge for America is to create a sustainable economy that produces a good life for all citizens, and that does not translate into everyone working for government.

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