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The dinosaur of all New Year's resolutions

Here's a good New Year's resolution that you can embark upon, albeit just a tad late: 

Go to your local grocery store and pick out three (3) different fruits and vegetables that you've never tried before.  Take them home and try them.  I guarantee you will buy them again. 

Sometimes, monotony leads to boredom which leads to unhappiness.  So, if you want to feel a little happier, maybe changing your diet by "changing it up a bit" will help do the trick. 

I had heard stories about collard greens on TV and movies, but had never tried them myself.  They seem to get their fair share of Hollywood media attention, but not much personal attention.  When, I finally tried them, I found them to be pretty good, actually.  They are a little bitter, but they go good as a substitute for the boring Romaine lettuce in a salad (which, by the way, is the best lettuce for you).  In terms of nutritional value, they are loaded with vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C, and manganese, and provide a great source of fiber.

Another alternative to Romaine lettuce that I love even more than collard greens is kale.  Try it for its slightly better, yet refreshing, taste.   Pour some extra virgin olive oil on top it, then sprinkle it with pepper and hemp seeds for a great-tasting and healthy snack.  If you're looking for something even more exotic than regular green kale, try Lacinato kale, otherwise known as "dinosaur kale," due to its leaves looking like the imagined rough skin of a dinosaur.  This stuff comes in huge leaves and tastes great!  It, too, is loaded with the same nutrients as collard greens.

So, whatever your New Year's resolution is, make sure it's one that will increase your own happiness.  Maybe starting with your diet will do just that. 


  • Joe 5 years ago

    I love greens. Never used them like lettuce. I always boil them a bit, that takes away the bitterness. Dump the water and you can reboil in chicken stock or saute' them, use them like spinach.

  • Justine 5 years ago

    I have wondered why dinosaur kale was called that at my local Whole Foods store. No one there could tell. Now I know -- and thanks.

  • Steve 5 years ago

    collard greens rock!

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