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The devil tarot card: The fear of pain and what to do about it

The Devil Card
Rider Waite

Most of us do not live in pain. We live in the memory of pain which triggers a fear of pain. These are some of the shadows we have within. These are examples of the devil within and the demons we face. If we examine our real true feeling though, we will see that all is well.

It’s the anticipation that pain will come based on certain emotional triggers that causes distress. Follow the shadow back to the light and experience that original pain fully to be done with it because that anticipation can have an unfortunate effect on you. It can keep you trapped in a fog.

You are not seeing the true reality of a situation, that the people in your life in the here and now mean you no harm. They have no idea of the pain you were once in and that they are reminding you of it. Yet, you are reacting to them as if you expect the worse from them. This will put an edge on your energy that they will feel and react to. It will seem like there is a problem with you. They will wonder why you are as you are.

The memory of emotional pain can be a powerful influence. It is easy to expect more of this pain when you remember it. You find yourself in a similar situation that you were in just before the pain came to you in the past, and your memory of the pain causes you to brace for the pain once again. This can be irrational yet at the same time completely understandable.

The memory of this pain can cause distress to the point you are convinced that the pain is going to surface again. You are sure that the anticipation of the pain is warranted in some way. You are certain that the pain is about to happen and it causes stress.

The thing to do is imagine the pain to be a storm cloud, and your true place in relation to it is above it, so imagine that you rising above. Find yourself on the other side of it, above it where you have the proper perspective on it. It is beneath you. It cannot hurt you from down there.

You must remember, the memory of pain is not the same as actual pain. You have grown from the person who first felt that pain. The person who first felt that pain may not even exist anymore. You may have changed so much that the paradigm in which that pain existed does not even exist anymore. You must do is remind yourself of this.

When you feel the triggers of an old pain beginning to happen, examine who you are in relation to who you used to be. Keep yourself on this elevated level. Remind yourself that you are a new person now. The lesson that this old pain was designed to teach you has been learned, so remind yourself of this. If you have learned it already, why do you need to go through it again? You don’t. Therefore it cannot be real. If there is no reason for it, it cannot be real. Therefore, it is imagined. It is all in your head. This is a memory that exists only in your mind. It can only be as painful as you allow it to be. Dismiss this memory. Put it behind you. With nothing to attach to, it will simply go away.

In this way, you beat the devil- your personal devil.

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