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The Detroit Pistons can't have nice things

Kyrie Irving gets another running mate. The Pistons get nothing.
Kyrie Irving gets another running mate. The Pistons get nothing.
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

For one, brief moment, it was good to be a Detroit Pistons fan again. We got Stan Van Gundy as a head coach and President. Then, the NBA Draft Lottery rolled around. The Pistons had the eighth best draft odds, and all they had to do was not drop back a spot, and they'd get to keep their pick. The odds of them losing there pick was bad. Their chance of moving up was just as good as their chance of dropping back and losing the pick. So, there I was, watching Heather Cox have terrible interviews with people and waiting for the new Deputy Commissioner to start showing me logos. Then, when the ninth pick rolled around, he unveiled the Charlotte Hornets logo.

Since the Bobcats just became the Hornets again, it took me a second to process, and then I realized the Pistons had lost their pick. The Cleveland Cavaliers had jump them. Not only that, they won the whole lottery again. That's three times in the last four years. They had a 1.7% chance of winning this lottery. They hit, and now the Pistons have nothing. I mean, they have the 38th pick, but who cares? Just sell that for money. Draft a guy who never comes to America. Who cares? It's all meaningless now.

In truth, this is a disappointment, but it isn't a huge blow. We've still got SVG, and the Pistons have cap space. They can figure things out and make things work. They've lost a nice piece, and hopefully they don't have the chance at another pick this low for a while. That's the NBA Draft Lottery for you. Now the 2014 NBA Draft has gotten a lot less interesting for me.