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The Detroit Charter Commission is seeking the input of the residents

The Detroit Charter Commission is an elected body of 9 residents whose function is drafting proposed revisions to the City of Detroit Charter.  The Commission has a non-renewable three year term which is set to expire in 2012.  The Charter Commission is seeking the input and ideas from residents through scheduled meetings that are open to the public.

The 9 Detroit residents who were elected to serve the position of the Charter Commission are the following:

  • Freeman Hendrix, Chairperson
  • Jenice C. Mitchell Ford, Vice Chairperson
  • Cara Blount
  • Ken Coleman
  • Reginald Davis
  • Ken Harris
  • Teola P. Hunter
  • John Johnson
  • Rose Mary C. Robinson

The City of Detroit Charter is the foundation, blueprint, and footprint of Detroit's government.  Being that, residents must be engaged and involved in the shaping of Detroit's future.  Over time with new problems, new challenges, and unforeseen occurrences; the charter must be rewritten and reflective adjustments need to be pondered and scrutinized.

As with the new problems and new challenges, some of the areas that are likely to be addressed include:

  • electing city council members by districts
  • addressing and limiting mayoral appointees
  • downsizing and/or streamlining Detroit's government and departments
  • addressing the protocol for removing an elected official due to wrongdoing

Other issues and matters well-beyond the above mentioned ones will be addressed and ultimately will be reflective of what the citizen of Detroit want. 

The next meeting of the Detroit Charter Commission will be held on Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at 6:00 pm.  The location of this meeting is the following:

Mayflower Congregational United Church of Christ

7301 Curtis Avenue

Detroit MI 48221

The topic of discussion will be "Economic Development and Planning".

To contact the members of the Detroit Charter Commission, please visit

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