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The Destruction Caused by Obama’s Pretend Presidency

President Obama's golf game is more important than the world.
President Obama's golf game is more important than the world.
Wall Street Journal

In no particular order, here is a list of President Obama’s “accomplishments” in 2014:
• Further alienating our best ally in the Middle East by often siding with Hamas while Hamas has lobbed over 1,000 rockets into Israel;
• Ukraine on the brink invasion by Russia;
• A terrorist group like no other (ISIS) controlling more than one-third of Iraq as it slaughters Iraqi Christians, Kurds and even other Muslims;
• Continued tepid economy;
• Continued erosion of the middle class earnings;
• The southern U.S. border being completely overrun;
• Veterans Administration in shambles and mired in scandal;
• IRS mired in scandal over lost e-mails and politically targeting conservative groups;
• An overreaching EPA that is costing U.S. businesses and taxpayers billions of dollars in new regulations;
• Continued disenfranchisement with our neighbor to the North – Canada;
• A U.S. hero stuck in a Mexican prison since March while exchanging five dangerous Gitmo detainees for a deserter as well as at least one dead American journalist at the hands of ISIS;
• Ever-higher health insurance costs due to his signature domestic policy – ObamaCare; and
• A worsening race situation in the United States while it should be improving under the first African-American president.

Despite all of these “accomplishments,” Obama has still found time to attend more than 400 fundraisers since becoming president and playing nearly 100 rounds of golf since re-election in 2012. For those who need help with math, that averages out to more than one round of golf a week.

Earlier this year, Obama called ISIS, the “JV of terrorist groups.” In less than six months they became the most dangerous terrorist group ever. And now, in a recent press conference, Obama says his administration has “no strategy” for dealing with this fiendish group. No strategy?!?! In front of the American Legion, Obama actually said it was “not his decision” for the U.S. to leave Iraq. But from 2010 until 2014, Obama touted “his” decision and promise to leave Iraq! I guess when your policies are a complete and utter failure, you rewrite history; sort of like, “if you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan and if you if like your doctor, you can keep your doctor actually isn’t what I said or meant.”

Nearly six years after the presidency of George W. Bush ended, Obama is still blaming him for the problems in Iraq. It’s gotten so bad, that Obama has even blamed Bush for his smoking habit, not being able to pronounce adjutant during his speech to the American Legion and his penchant for taking selfies.

A recent poll found that nearly 55 percent of respondents would now vote for Mitt Romney over Obama. As you may or may not recall, during the 2012 presidential race, Romney said Russia was our greatest geopolitical foe. To that Obama said “the 1980s called and wants its foreign policy back.” Ooops, seems like Romney was quite prophetic and Obama was wrong – again. With that comment, it also showed Obama’s disdain for the Reagan presidency and foreign policy, which led to the destruction of the Soviet Empire and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. Apparently Obama would prefer that the Soviet Empire still existed, which could be why he has given no assistance to Ukraine and told former Russian President Medvedev to tell once and future Russian President Putin that after his 2012 re-election he “can be more flexible.” For Obama, being more flexible means bending over.

Upon increased excursions into Ukraine by Russian forces, Obama says the U.S. and its allies may have to implement more sanctions on Russia. In the same press conference in which Obama says his administration has no strategy to deal with ISIS, Obama acknowledged that the sanctions imposed on Russia so far have not worked and perhaps even embolden Vladimir Putin to become even more belligerent. So, let’s see: the sanctions so far have not worked and may have done the exact opposite of intent so we’re going to do more of the same in hopes that the outcome is different?

The U.S. won the Cold War in the 1980s because of President Reagan’s “peace through strength” belief. He was not flexible and did not bend over to the various Soviet leaders. When Reagan didn’t like the deal offered by then Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev in Iceland, Reagan walked away. Within the year, Gorbachev gave in and agreed to a deal that Reagan wanted. That is leadership. That is standing up for your principles. That is doing the right thing. That is winning a battle for the betterment of all. That is something Barack Obama will never understand and be able to do. That is why Putin and Russia have the upper hand and the U.S. looks weak and feckless, much like its president.

It is clear, to those with a clue anyway, that Obama just likes to pretend. He likes to pretend he is tough. He likes to pretend he has the answers. He likes to pretend what he’s said for the past six years he actually never said. Obama also likes to pretend that if he just closes his eyes, the big boy issues throughout the world will just go away. Obama likes to pretend that he is actually willing to work with Congress, especially the Republican-held half of Congress. Obama likes to pretend that all of Congress is under the Republican grip. Most in the media like to pretend on that one too. Obama likes to pretend that his presidency actually is a monarchy. And Obama likes to pretend that he actually is a professional golfer.

This disaster of a presidency basically is just a pretend presidency. Unfortunately, we can’t pretend.

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