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The 'Destiny' beta: A delicious taste heightens anticipation for September

What do you think about Destiny?
What do you think about Destiny?
Permission to use photo given by Activision

As you know by now the Destiny beta on PS4 and PS3 is underway. Bungie's major franchise that has been in development since the last half of the 2000's is finally in the hands of consumers, well sort of. Xbox players will get their shot at the beta next Tuesday, July 23.

The Destiny beta gives players a ton of content to experience. It's a truly massive preview and is a lot bigger than we originally expected. There is a ton of value that a beta offers a game like Destiny and we'll get into that shortly.

With any new IP, it's important to make sure the message of what the game is gets across clearly to consumers. In Bungie's case, they don't have to worry as much about that because the Destiny beta has been doing just about all of that for them. PlayStation fans have been able to access the Destiny beta since yesterday afternoon and will be able to continue until a week from this Sunday.

So what do we think about the things we've seen thus far? Well, Destiny is a unique, different game at first glance. Sure, it's a shooter and will naturally share a lot of the same characteristics as other shooters, but the Destiny beta is proving why Bungie has more than just a shooter on its hands.

The level of customization that we've seen in the Destiny beta is impressive. When players start out, they will be able to choose between a number of factors that will help shape their character, the biggest of which is your class. With three options to choose from there, players can either be a Warlock, Hunter or Titan. It's an incredibly important choice for players because that will open and close new sets of skill trees.

From there, players will be able to choose the gender, hair style, facial markings, color and other aspects of their Guardian. At that point, players get dropped into the Destiny beta's gameplay.

One of the things we noticed right away when running around is the camera's somewhat restrictive feeling when looking left or right. It depends on how you feel about this, but personally, it turned out to be a bit limiting and something Bungie will hopefully lighten up on prior to Destiny's launch.

Another aspect of the Destiny beta that we found somewhat disruptive was how other players within your world would be interfering with enemies you are engaging with. Sure, it's nice to have help, but when you're working on missions by yourself, it can be a bit annoying. That said, it's a cool feeling to have a handful of other players running around and enjoying their own game, while you're in the same world.

Shortly after jumping into the Destiny beta, players get brought to The Tower where they have the chance to upgrade their character and meet other players. It's a very neat place and has some serious depth to it. You will absolutely want to become familiar with what you can and cannot find at The Tower. It serves as a very valuable resource to players.

The Destiny beta does a great job of previewing the combat and mission types that the full game will deliver. Enemies have great variety and this is only a small taste of the game. What an enemy's attacks and movements are is something players will need to pay attention to, but foes are diverse in both of those aspects, creating a bigger challenge.

Another beneficial part of the Destiny beta is it will help you become more familiar with the controls. They are a bit different than your typical shooter, so it will take some getting used to. This is another great example of why the Destiny beta has become so valuable to consumers.

The Destiny beta is a wonderful beginning to the series and serves as a fabulous, informative preview for more people than just the press. Like you, we'll hold off final judgment until Sept. 9 rolls around, but this was one giant step in the right direction.

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