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The desk jockey: Fix your posture first then adjustment the furniture

If your occupation requires that you sit every day for work then there are a few things to take into consideration about your desk and chair. Pay close attention to the details written here because it will save your neck, shoulders, forearms, hands and lower back. Your posture can give you clues to where your pain symptoms come from.

A client who makes an appointment with me, can be subjected to a thorough medical intake, postural assessment and muscle testing procedures:

Your posture plays such a vital role in how you sit, stand and move. If your posture is poor and you sit at a desk for many hours concentrating then pain is inevitable. Your posture doesn't get better on its own and secondly, you cannot say to yourself; “sit straight” and your body listens. It may listen for a few minutes at a time but over all, it takes more than talking to yourself to improve how you sit.

I've observed employees who sit at their desks and they have an enormous amount of ability to concentration. They can shut off their pain during working hours. If there is a deadline for them to get something done, their stress levels increase dramatically. These employees want to get their work finished without interruptions and shut off their pain in order to get work done. Its a fight and flight cycle which keeps their muscles in a contracted state and stressed out. If their posture is a problem then the likelihood of sitting for 8-12 hours a day will cause more pain and discomfort after your work day is through. The pain cycle will continue to get worse because the muscles that are weak become weaker. It's a vicious cycle because it starts with poor posture and stiffness sets into the fascia and muscles. At this point, you will need help stopping the pain cycle with Myotherapy and strengthening your posture.Your posture must be corrected first and then adjust your furniture to fit your new improved posture.

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