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The desire for beauty ingrained during childhood

REAL barbie
REAL barbie

Throughout a child's early development, they are learning all of the basics of life, like crawling, walking, and speaking. As they grow older, they are also forming various ideas in their heads based on their surroundings. A child knows if he or she likes to swim early on. They learn what their favorite foods are, and even more about their dislikes. It also goes without saying, that they are exposed to tons and tons of toys and children's television.

So how do these forms of entertainment effect the young mind? Are they not doing just that? Providing entertainment? In reality, these children`s networks are flashing thousands of images to their young viewer, effectively planting ideas in their heads, or more specifically; the idea of what real beauty is.

It begins early on while young boys and girls are playing with their "idyllic" Barbie dolls and action figures. Little boy`s action figures often wield guns, with unrealistically large muscles, and what seems like a real "tough guy" attitude. This blatantly promotes violence and the desire to "bulk up" and sculpt their bodies in order to fit society`s idea of beauty.

On the other hand, little girls play with plastic figures of women, AKA Barbie, who if scaled to human size, would measure 38-18-33. According to research by the University Central Hospital in Helsinki, Finland, she would not even possess the necessary 17 to 22 percent of body fat required to menstruate. Therefore around kindergarten, when girls start playing with Barbie dolls, they are already subconsciously fantasizing, and being pressured into comparing themselves to these impossible figures.

As children get older, exposure to such outlandish ideals only gets more blatant and frequent. On average, children see about five sex scenes an hour on everyday stations. Children cannot help but form ideas about sex from this filth; especially when parents fail to provide an appropriate discussion on the matter. This of course contributes to the spiraling age of young girls having plastic surgery, death from diseases like anorexia, and young men having wildly unachievable expectations.

It would be wise for parents all over the world to monitor the amount of television their children take in, or turn it off all together. It is inexplicably important that parents explain sex to their children- forgetting the embarrassment you or your child may feel. In doing this, children may start to have realistic views on the matter, instead of fantasizing out of reality, and constantly losing the self-esteem that we all know to be so important in early to teenage years.