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The Department of Veterans Affairs takes action to gain Veterans trust

Va tries to win trust of Veterans
Va tries to win trust of Veterans
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On July 3, 2014, Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Sloan D. Gibson stated, “We are fully committed to fixing the problem we face in order to better serve Veterans.”

This statement comes out after a nationwide scandal, of inadequate care broke out across America, that our honored countrymen and women, were receiving poor care or no care at all; being left on waiting lists for 6 months or longer for follow up care.

The American people demanded action as they were outraged by the news, “This is a gross injustice.” One person stated. “My husband can’t even get them to return a phone call.” One woman explained.

Since the news of long waiting lists broke out in April, we have seen the American people stand behind those who have served and resignations turn in at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“As of today, we’ve reached out to nearly 140,000 Veterans to get them off wait lists and into clinics, and there is more work to be done.” stated the Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs while delivering news of the latest data collected for the VA access audit, which has been underway since May 12, 2014 through June 3, 2014.

With the audit underway, the Veterans Health Administration have been looking at appointment dates, reviewing waiting list management along with scheduling issues. You can find the Final Audit Report here, which covers policy and practice findings along with informing the public and Veterans of the next recommended steps to be taken to improve services.

The big question seems to be, “Is this enough?” or are they just putting a band-aid over a system in place, which is bleeding out from poor administration, lack of appropriate care.

Today we bring you the story of one Vet. Who has been refused medication, which has allowed him to manage the pain from his disability who says he found doctors at VA clinics to be negligent, coercive and bias.

He tells us, “I have been falsely accused of implying suicide to state officials. These “medical professionals” attempted to coerce me to be admitted supposedly to be treated for a severe migraine, but was actually attempting to falsely commit me for having reached out to my state leadership. I believe it was an attempt to keep me from speaking out against the primary care team and their malpractice.”

In one final statement, he says, “I found for my country. I should not have to fight for fair or adequate health care."

Veterans hope the matter will be looked into more in-depth for some Veterans believe their issues were nothing to do with waiting to be seen, one Veteran tells us, “I didn’t have that problem, it’s the missed diagnosis and problem getting doctors to refer you to the correct specialist that’s the issue.”

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Resource: United States Department of Veterans Affairs