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The Department of Public Safety will test the bullets that hit El Paso City Hall

Police Chief Greg Allen held a press conference at police headquarters to discuss the status of the investigation into the bullets that hit City Hall Tuesday.

Allen said he has not sent the two bullets recovered to undergo ballistics tests.

Tela Mange, spokeswoman for the Department of Public Safety, said the DPS will test the bullets at one of 13 ballistics labs.

There is a lab in El Paso, Mange said.

Allen said the bullets are consistent with the type of bullets that Mexican authorities have collected from a crime scene where a Mexican federal agent was shot and killed in Juárez and from where he believes the shots originated. Seven bullets hit City Hall from about half mile away.

He said the bullets recovered are AK-47 rounds. They are 7.62 x 39mm type of bullet.

"It is a weapon commonly used in cartels right now," he said.


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