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The democrats take the lead in voters in Delco

United States voting booth
United States voting booth

According to Delaware County Voter’s Registration office in Media, the Democratic Party has increased its margin as the majority party in Delaware County. As of Tuesday, there were 386,696 registered voters in Delaware County. Democrats (171,188) outnumbered Republicans (168,941) by 2,247. There were 46,567 voters registered without affiliation or to another party. The deadline for registering for the May 20 primary election was April 21.

Delaware County had long been a Republican stronghold, but Democrats first surpassed the GOP last September. Republicans have continued to have a hold on the county council and in most townships such as Upper Darby. The Democrats’ new majority did not get them any victories in the county election last November. The Republicans swept a county slate that included two county council seats and two seats on the Court of Common Pleas. The election cycle also included the county sheriff, register of wills and controller.

According to the Delaware County’s Voter Registration office, “With the implementation of the Pennsylvania Voter Registration Act, major changes have occurred within the Voter’s Registration department. A yearly address confirmation mailings to all registered voters is now needed. Weekly mailings along with the new Pennsylvania Department of Transportation registrations and address changes require the office staff to check approximately 4,000 forms weekly. Enacted fail-safe voting procedures, signed affirmations changing addresses within the county and assistance forms can be filled out on Election Day.

The county has started to update the registration with digital signatures, thereby getting rid of the 12 hundred binders, which must be prepared each election. Certified tabulations are sent to the State bi-annually; monthly certified reports are today also called for. Street lists of Delaware County's 406 Precincts are prepared bi-yearly and distributed to prospective nominees.

According to the numbers at the office of voter registration, in 2002, the county had 327,453 registered voters – 196,614 Republicans and 99,296 Democrats. That continued an uptick from the previous decade. The county had 218,774 Republicans and 82,783 Democrats among 324,241 registered voters in 199