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The Democrats' relentless jihad against the American people

No experience necessary
No experience necessary
Gary McCoy - Cartoonist

For anyone who is unable to grasp the zealousness of a so-called religious war, he or she needs to look no further than the left's tireless siege on the good citizens of the United States. In its own myriad of ways, this attack is more dangerous to America's future and the People's pursuits of happiness than Saudi nationals crashing commercial jets into our workplaces.

With a president who recently garnered three of the top five lies of 2013, including the whopper about keeping your insurance plan and your trusted doctors even after enactment of the Affordable Healthcare Act, Americans have been duped far too long by this Democrat administration and its fellow political whores in Washington.

That single blatant con in itself needs no additional comment as to its consummate failure and financial burden on taxpayers and families alike. But new lies arise everyday from the round table's Barack Obama, Kathleen Sebelius, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Jay Carney that make the sting all the more brazenly insulting. White House statistics are immediately proven fictional or deceptive, yet are spewed daily at the American people by these pathological liars, believing that the only band-aid for their trust problem is another lie.

Try this one on. While Democrats have weekly pep rallies about the progress and wonders of Obamacare, they also hide their heads in denial as to the established risks of fraud and identity theft from potential hackers. Yet when a bill was recently introduced to give warning to the public should the site be compromised, Democrats killed the action, and a vote never took place. This stiffarm, of basically no cost fairplay, does absolutely nothing but open a potential financial hell on US citizens in order to protect the image of an already failing Democrat party.

Anyone beginning to understand the jihad comparison now?

Seven decades ago, the greatest generation set the world free on two ocean war fronts. Since then the US has morphed into a cesspool where career politicians and bureaucrats purchase their returns to public office with entitlements and safety nets to the nation's worst generation and its offspring. Today's federal government, even in the age of high and ever improving technology, is too incompetent to design a working website in the time frame that America picked itself up off the floor at Pearl Harbor and saved the world from Japanese and Nazi domination.

And to that end, the Democrats have once more recoiled in their typical arrogant indignation. Their media has openly criticized a new movie depicting the documented and decorated herosim of one Marcus Luttrell and his fellow Navy SEALS in an Afghanistan firefight. Simultaneously, former Secretary Hillary Clinton, after being singled out in a major investigation as the most culpable figure in US defenselessness against a terrorist attack which left four of our public servants dead in Benghazi last year, basks in the swaddling political protection and soothing balm of fellow sellout Democrats.

Ungodliness save the queen! You know, the one who charged in the 2008 Democrat primaries that a feckless Senator from Illinois wouldn't be ready for that urgent national security call in the middle of the night. But, hey, as it turns out, what difference did it make anyway when she actually was in position to take that call, even weeks upon weeks before the surprise attack occurred on, of all days, September 11th?

Finally, on The Kelly File last night, I found that I had apparently missed out on details of the private meeting that Madam Hillary had with family members of the dead after their bodies had been returned from the carnage in Libya. Pulling the bereaved aside, she vowed that she would find the individual who created the internet video that she and the administration had been selling as the smoking gun to the violent deaths of the four Americans.

The audacity! Let's be stupid for a moment and pretend that the video was some tool for incitement, per the administration's weeks long lie to a gullible MSM and the nation's citizenry. As a grieving brother of one of the victims, do I take some sick solace that this frumpy and unaccountable member of the inner circle will track down an American who exercised his freedom of speech when what the free world really needs are the Islamic terrorists' heads on a stake?

This is the runaway lunacy of liberalism's listless leadership. The Democrats' distorted dogma dictates as follows: (1) Citizens will serve at the pleasure of their elected representatives and will be blindly loyal to federal government. (2) All of our enemies will become our friends once we let them have their way. (3) Americans will not admire, nor can they actually be, real heroes.

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