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The Democrats, a party of shame

Just a little insignificant tweak
Just a little insignificant tweak
Michael Ramirez, Syndicated Cartoonist

To highjack a line from the movie "Love Story", being a Democrat means "never having to say you're sorry". Honestly, who was the last one who ever did, besides a self-destructive Anthony Weiner, but only then so that he could move on with the slim prospect of saving his political life (indeed, not a stretch in New York City).

In the daily political scene, any logical human being can easily note the runaway arrogance, corruption, denials and defenses of governance of the few over the many by our nation's Democrat party, a pathetic lot that our children should take as a shining example of what not to model themselves after, in word or deed.

It is led by a president credited with the biggest deception of 2013 (with the false promises of the Affordable Care Act), actually a willful lie by him and all of his political cohorts who put their party goals above the freedoms and pursuit of happiness for all Americans. Surely there must be some frustration for his electors and brazen media that run tireless interference for him. Why? Because, to this day, they have nothing with which to trumpet a loud "I told ya' so" - that Barack Obama is indeed the chosen, raised up to rescue the nation and bring lasting euphoria to its citizenry.

In the real world, it has been quite the opposite. And ever since his first election, these purported idealists have lowered the bar of expectations again and again so that they may attempt to laud, without substance, an executive who has failed the United States in a stunning myriad of ways.

The thinking populace of the United States realizes that this administration, so full of itself for five years now, has no answers (perhaps even any intention) of turning the tide on a stale economy, creating jobs, increasing the middle class or in preserving any respect from its allies and enemies around the globe. And when was the last time the general media even approached the subject of the national debt having increased 70% under the wandering eye of his residency in the White House.

It is as if the administration and a protective media have a death wish for the futures of our children. There is nothing sensible or defensible about the collusion between Democrats and their press when it comes to the recklessness of a leftist controlled Washington that looks no further than the end of the day in regard to financial and military strength for the USA.

But did Americans dare think that, in addition to being a presidency void of solutions to the problems inherited from a serious recession, its players were also purposefully derelict in their duties with regard to the People and to the law of the land, both of which they took oaths to protect?


In no particular order (especially given the difficulty of keeping track of the scandalous chronology of this administration), how does a household Democrat defend the following:

1. The premeditated adoption of a months old amateur video, unknown to virtually everyone, which became an item of immediate convenience - deflecting responsibility away from the White House after a diplomatic mission was attacked by al-Qaeda extremists.

This deadly siege, feared months in advance by a US ambassador, was the result of paramount negligence by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (at the lowest level) on the eve of re-electing a president whose only platform, arguably, was "terrorism is on the run".

With Obama's economic track record at flatline, this was the premature October Surprise that should have ended his presidency. Instead of giving even casual coverage to the tragedy, the media went into overdrive, attacking his detractors and handing out assists for the incumbent during the final two presidential debates. Obama promised that the key people responsible for the brutal murders of four Americans would be brought to justice.

Nothing of the kind happened. With less votes than his previous election, he won the White House, and the Democrats, without a leg to stand on, wanted simply to move on from the tragedy in Libya, to the degree of stonewalling the testimony of key witnesses who were on the ground and in the know at the time of attack.

2. The intimidation by the IRS against conservative non-profit organizations who worked to remove Obama from office.

The embarrassing news of suppression that only this organization can mete out brought out King Barry's feigned ire. Again, he promised that those who dared to intimidate the American public in such manner would be made accountable and be punished or terminated for the egregious treatment.

The head of the agency was called on the carpet by a Congressional committee, pled the fifth, and walked away. But the issue lingered inconveniently, and eventually Obama considered everything since day one to be a false scandal - simply orchestrated by conservative watchdogs like the Tea Party and other elected Republicans.

Would any sane person believe that when the 5th Amendment is invoked, everything goes from being a black veil of suspicion to an innocent non-issue. Obama now scolds that there is absolutely nothing to hide, that corruption never came to play with his IRS. (Oh, the convenience of an abetting media and a rock stupid flock that is surprisingly able to still cast a vote - or two or three or more).

3. Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr. who openly advocated for any of his counterparts at the state levels to not feel compelled to enforce any laws with which they do not agree.

Where his boss King Barry has a pen and a phone to circumvent Congress to make possible his unpopular agendas, Eric the Lawless goes a step further. Anything already passed by a state legislature can be trumped at the whim of an AG.

Does anyone believe these guys when they swear to uphold and defend the Constitution? Not a chance. After one dead federal agent, Holder should already be indicted for the illegal walking of firearms to the Mexican cartel under the trainwreck of Fast and Furious, but it takes the votes of derelict elected Democrats to even remove him from office, let alone charge him with a felony that calls for incarceration.

Saved by the president's abuse of executive privilege, this Attorney General is potentially the biggest threat to law and order in America today, but his enablers think the audacity of his spoken guidance to state attorneys hardly merits a shrug.

4. Senate Leader Harry Reid who stated publicly in legislative chambers that each and every horror story of those who have encountered physical suffering that may lead to death and/or financial ruin as a result of the infamous Obamacare, is nothing but a collective and conspiratorial set of lies.

Rather, it is all set up by paid advertising from Fox News or other conservative benefactors and presented as political propaganda by concerned elected Republicans (who actually try to hear and represent their constituents).

The former boxer from Nevada has either taken too many blows to the head or he is without a heart and soul. But the flock will mime his every word, the outrageous claims having come from their punch-drunk Fool on the Hill.

And don't ask a voting Democrat why Reid's nuclear option to end the filibuster is a threat to the integrity of federal government, per the founders. As long as the left is in power, there is no need to have a conscience, nor some misguided respect of constitutional law.

5. The absolute lack of grace to our active, disabled and retired military whose benefits and care are eroded while the culture of entitlements to a sea of undeserving slackers is improved and enhanced on a daily basis.


The shameful politics of the Democrat party is the necessary tool for inviting tyranny to Washington. When the president, in his State of the Union address, made no disguise of his plan to use his pen and phone to circumvent the legislative process for the remainder of his term, his party's Senators and Congressmen rose to cheer in loud, almost rehearsed unison.

Visions of utopia must have loomed in the wee minds of their constituents.

Yeah, and with their blessings, let Barry go after the guns. Let Barry set the parameters of gift amnesty. Let Barry take anything he wants from the haves and give it over to the have-nots. Let Barry continue to whittle away the numbers of middle class households. Let Barry salvage their re-elections by suspending Obamacare milestones that would threaten liberal seats which have accomplished nothing but to facilitate the fiscal implosion of our children's future, having added another $7 trillion to the nation's debt in only five years.

This is no longer the decent party of John "Ask Not" Kennedy. This is government takeover of the Democrats, by the Democrats, and for the Democrats.

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