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The Democrat-Racism Complex exploits the Ferguson, Missouri mess

Ferguson Mo incident reveals the true fraud of the far left
Ferguson Mo incident reveals the true fraud of the far left
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

For the far left, racism in the United States will never be allowed to end because they profit, monetarily and politically, greatly from it. There will never be a political solution to racism, for the left, as long as they reel in millions of dollars and votes from it. From the very moment that strong-armed robbery suspect Michael Brown was killed by officer Darren Wilson, who was clearly acting reasonably and in his own self-defense from attack by Brown, the far left swung into action. The alternative from reality narrative was written, and publicized, with the aid of the Democrat-Media complex, and the whole issue was immediately exploited for political gain of the far left. The Reverend Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were quicker to arrive in Ferguson to organize riots I mean demonstrations quicker than vacationing President Barack Obama could sent Attorney General Eric (with)Holder down to help organized the riots and looting, I mean demonstrations.

The narrative was simple, and it was written by the far left before the facts were in. Remember, the far left doesn't care about facts. It's the politics stupid, and you better make sure the politics are more politically correct than fact-based. Michael Brown, the “gentle giant” as they called him, was guilty of nothing more than being a black man innocently minding his business while jaywalking down the middle of the street, when an allegedly racist police officer targeted him for cold-blooded murder and took him out. This was spread as the story and the left and the mainstream media reported anything that fit this template and disputed, or blacked out, anything that refuted this narrative. And we know the left never lets facts get in the way of their fictional narrative which is designed for just one purpose, to promote the agenda of the far left.

Before the facts were reported, the media ran with the narrative from the left, and it was assumed or said to be likely that a white police officer shot and murdered “the gentle giant” in Ferguson. The “Justice Brothers” Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton arrived in Ferguson to raise money for their organizations and register voters for the Democrat Party. Pressure was on already to have the cop, who did it, prosecuted by the state or federal authorities.

Then the facts came up and it proved the far left is a fraud, they exploited the whole issue for political gain, and the whole narrative concocted by the left as refuted. Michael Brown was caught my many eye witness accounts and valid (non photo-shopped, as the left was quick to claim) convenience store surveillance video in the act of what the police called a “strong armed robbery.” Minutes later he was jaywalking in the middle of the street, probably on drugs, then threatening the officer and taunting him saying he won't shoot, then trying to take the officer's gun then beating up the officer, which caused the eye-socket fracture, and then and only after all that, does Officer Darren Wilson do what he had every right to do, use deadly force to defend himself. And then when it was announced by the Ferguson Police Dept, that Darren Wilson was the officer, they revealed that he's an African American police officer. Skin color isn't the issue, except that the racist and bigoted left assumed and speculated that it was likely a white officer. More importantly, it was an officer who was doing his job, and now the mob mentality of the far left, for nothing more than political reasons, will demand that he get charged, indicted, and put on political show trial, for simply being a police officer who did his job and did it properly and as trained.

To counter the truth, the left spreads like, deliberately. The said Michael Brown was running away and shot from behind to bolster their dishonest narrative about the story in Ferguson, and all the autopsy reports reveal he was shot from the front on all the shots he took. When video showed him robbing the convenience store, the left got desperate and claimed the video was photo-shopped. But then eye witnesses, some even friends of Michael Brown placed him at the convenience store and engaging in the strong-armed robbery. Nice try lefties, but that lie didn't work.

Everything the left has said about this incident is a lie, and designed by and for them to take complete political advantage of this event. I won't even call it a tragedy. Yes it's unfortunate that anyone would have died, but Michael Brown would be alive today had he obeyed the orders of that Officer Darren Wilson and let the system mete out justice than to think he was meting out justice, for whatever grievance he perceived, by attacking and attempting to take that gun from Darren Wilson. And for a young man that has rapped songs about killing cops, what reason would any think he had to take the officer's gun?

The way the far left has exploited this incident, only to be as wrong as wrong can be on every aspect of it they lied about in their dishonest and politically correct and racist narrative, only proves what an entire and complete fraud the far left is in this country, especially when they exploit an event like this entirely for racist and bigoted and political gain. This event, not to mention others in the past such as the left's politicizing of the Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman situation, should completely and beyond a reasonable doubt discredit, and show to be entirely fraudulent, the far left in America. There should be no doubt after this, that the left and their friends in the Democrat Party, and their willing accomplices in the liberal leftist media that helped promote the leftist narrative on Ferguson, are completely discredited. No informed citizen can look at this and draw any other conclusion, other than to draw the conclusion that the far left is proven completely to be a fraud.

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