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The demise of Genesis alcohol and drug treatment center

There are two treatment centers in Southern Oregon willing to help the young and old having problems with alcohol or the use of drugs. A third treatment center closed its doors almost one year ago for reasons still unavailable. One could blame the economy but that does not seem to be the “whole story.” This treatment center worked. It was the “Cadillac” of treatment centers within a few hundred mile radius. Its closure prompted outrage in the community but the future was sealed for the hard working employees.

The majority of people walking through Genesis’ doors were able to successfully address the destructive behavior of chemical dependence. The success rate was admirable, though there were a few “repeats”, almost like homecoming felt by the employees.

Inpatient and outpatient treatment was offer including DUII classes for those who insisted on driving while intoxicated. Inpatient usually involved a 30-day stay and outpatient, a minimum of 90 days. DUII classes were to be attended for eight weeks. The physicians and a psychiatrist were always available and the counselors carried a minimum CADC II licensure.

The remaining two treatment centers have absorbed the clients and have been able to give well rounded courses for the hundreds of locally chemically dependent individuals.

An “obituary” was created, closing the doors of the “Cadillac” center which read:

  • The patients and clients have left - the stage lights turned off. The employees, at Genesis, are hereby discharged as “treatment complete.” 


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