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The delicious sorbet of Divine Self Disclosure

The soul seated in the heart The soul is the “third eye” of the individual. It is not the eyes that are blinded but the hearts, veiled or unveiled at Divine Will. Perception is a matter of light and the light is a matter of seeing with the heart. The light of the soul can vary from day to day.

The dimension of the soul shines into our existence In from it flows mirrorless beauty infusing the world and bringing it into existence. Is it any wonder that beauty compels human beings so because it hints at the Divine. Beauty dissolves all earthly boundaries uniformly and unconditionally, rich man or poor man, believer or nonbeliever, beauty instantly lifts us without word or explanation.

The divinely compelling nature The beautiful soul does not fall into evil but is followed by it. When you are left alone in the cave of darkness it is beauty condensed as light in beauty. Because beauty is part of our essence, there is no way to escape the effects of it. For its beauty captures us from within its dominion is infinite. A hidden treasure longed to be known, the heart made creation in order to be known. The soul requires no vision, no senses and no knowledge and Macrocosm, only that the Microcosm of the heart that part alone can be servant to Divine and that it expresses unrestrained and overwhelmingly in response to Love. The Face of Divine Beauty had to be known. “So I made creation to be known,” a visible sign from Divine.

The whole world only exists as a point to consume and be involved in Love There is a point on the path where form dissolves, and from where form and beauty evanescence into One Source, where nothing but essence shines. The unity transcends and everywhere the eye pauses there is beauty the infinite beauty of soul beyond Presence and unity of us all in One.

Within everyone is an empty space that manifests itself as a hunger or an uneasiness We feel as if there is a missing piece and we all go searching to fill it life. This great hunger can be satisfied if we learn Divine Self Disclosure. Through different types of food, colorful clothing, different kinds of work, sex, drink, drugs and any number of hobbies and pursuits. The restless pursuit for soul can only be inner-quieted by discovering this inner spark or light, the sacred, the first journey to form essence. Remembering, all of us are remembering.

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