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The Defense of Marriage Lies in a Rejection of Feminist Ideology by the Church

Why are we losing the definition of marriage?
Why are we losing the definition of marriage?
By Joanna Pope

A conversation on WHLO, Akron's mega AM radio station, is illustrative of the problem the church of Jesus Christ faces in the defense of marriage in American law. With the shift from a Constitutional republic to a democracy, in this country, comes the influence of public opinion on law in these United States. The conversation on WHLO began with the question to women, “did you, or would you, use the phrase 'obey' in your wedding vows?” It was not long before the conversation transitioned from a discussion about women promising to obey their husbands to a discourse about whether marriage was an outmoded and unnecessary institution.

Maybe you have been curious why it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect the institution of marriage from the onslaught of the homosexual community, when the percentage of homosexuals is so low. How is it that a half percent of the population has so much influence in a society where the majority rules? The fact is that the Biblical institution of marriage and the family has been under assault by anti-Christian forces in America for a long time.

The Homosexual community has a natural ally in the feminist, whose ideology has “come a long way, baby.” Feminist ideology has won the battle of placing women in authority over men, not only in civil and business affairs, but in many churches as well. You may even see a woman president in your life-time. Feminism has won the battle over the Biblical role of women to nurture within the home. In many homes the wife is the major bread-winner, replacing men as the provider and protector of the home and family. Feminism has influenced thinking within the church to the point that many, if not most, Christian women deny the Biblical doctrine of submission to the authority of their husband; Paul is labeled by many as a sexist for suggesting such an idea. Feminist ideology is growing in strength on the issue of whether marriage is an old fashioned, unnecessary institution. According to the U. S. Census Bureau unmarried households has become the majority of U. S. households.

The demise of marriage and the family cannot be blamed wholly on the homosexual community. The demise of marriage and the family is the fault of Christians allowing American society to define their doctrine. Christ commands the church to “teach all observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you...” Victory for marriage in American law rests upon the church rejecting feminist ideals, and taking seriously the full scope of the great commission