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The Deep Conditioning Treatment

Are you in need of some deep conditioning?
Are you in need of some deep conditioning?

Happy Saturday. Winter is still in session. Even if it's raining, the cold affects all of our skin and hair, whether we like it or not, turning them rough and dry. Now is the perfect time to refresh your pretty locks.

Deep conditioning your hair is probably one of the easiest tasks there are. All you need is a processing cap and conditioner. I prefer using a higher quality conditioner, specifically for deep conditioning with nutrients, like L'Oreal's Nature Therapy. These products usually come in a plastic jar placed nearby regular shampoo and conditioner. Coconut Oil is an option as well.

I usually dampen my hair before adding the deep conditioner to help it stay wet and less likely to dry quickly. I add enough conditioner to cover every strand of hair, from roots to ends. Once finished, add the cap to keep it moist. Super simple, right? When it comes to waiting, the time is up to you. You can go from a few minutes up to an hour. The longer, the better, just make sure it doesn't dry on you.

The best thing about the wait is that you can stay productive and do whatever you need to do. All you need is a shower or good rinse afterwards. The end result leaves hair soft, smelling great and happy with nutrience. What's not to love?