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The Deem scheme is over

Kill the Bill Protest 
Speaker Pence
Kill the Bill Protest Speaker Pence
Kim Curtis

One concession was made in the Health Care Takeover vote, the Deem and Pass scheme was scrapped. Perhaps due to the masses of protests the Democrats have endured in the last week, or perhaps because it was made clear that the process would be challenged within moments of being passed, if it makes it through the House.

While the news reels posts show one yes gained followed seconds later by one no gained, stating that the counts are not official it becomes apparent to me, at least, that no one; not even the house whips really know the final count. With so many Democrats sitting on the fence and a final estimate of 217 yea votes, it is clear no one really knows the outcome of this vote. What is apparent is that a stand up vote of yea or nay will be a clear message to the people who have made their opposition clear.

Millions of people trekked across the US for the Code Red protests called  this week by TEA Party Movement Organizers, and as I drove the highways of the belt line this week I passed many a bus load of people ready to stand down the law makers of DC. Enough people to surround the Capitol chanting a clear message. "We will remember come November."

As the constitutional attorneys prepare the lawsuits and the 270 million plus Insurance Covered Americans stand against Tyranny, the house will decide tomorrow whether to throw those 270 million covered hard working Americans under the bus for the 30 million not covered, or whether to stand for the constitutional right of pursuit. That seems to be the one word that the Progressive Democrats don't know the meaning of.

As 40 States prepare an attack against the Federal Government to prevent the overstepping of the Federal limitation; as the people stand against another spend thrift expansion of Federal Government the Progressive Democrats still don't seem to get it... if the counts reported are correct. This is not what the people of America want.

However, I don't think the counts are correct. I don't think the last minute rally by President Obama indicates the Democrats are even close, the reported 40 House members that still remain undecided and the fact that the very unpopular Senate Bill will produce the final count in favor of the Federal Takeover of 1/6th of the economy.

But if it does, you can bet come November we will remember.



  • 5 years ago

    I hope and pray we can take over the house and senate in 2010 and white house in 2012 !

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