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The Decibel Garden's Friday Mixer meets The Musician Mixer


On Friday February 6th, the Decibel Garden held their First Friday Mixer in combination with the Musician Mixer, hosted by Chere Rosa de Sharon and

the Decibel Garden
the Decibal Garden

The Musician Mixer’s are currently being held at the Decibel Garden on the first Friday of every month at 6pm. If you missed the first one, there is time to plan for the next one!

The Musician Mixer is for musicians who are already in a band, ready to form a band, bands seeking band mates, help each other with recording, or just to jam…you get the idea.

On Saturday nights, following the Musician Mixer, certain venues will hold a follow up of the previous mixer’s, hopefully from a collaboration of the previous Musician Mixer. This is a chance to get out and play at a venue from locations throughout Steamboat Springs to Arvada and to help gain publicity and build a fan base.

The first follow up of February will be Saturday the 13th at the D-Note in Old Town Arvada with The Stan Jones Band.

Chere Rosa de Sharon and are seeking the best musicians in Denver to perform in an on-line, LIVE concert on 11/11/11 that will be broadcasted on along with the best musicians in New York City, Los Angeles, Paris and Israel.

The bands will be able to sell their music and merchandise for a 50-50 split with

350,000 viewers are expected and ONE MILLION by 11.11.11!

So, don’t miss your chance to meet other like minded musicians, stop by the Decibel Garden on the first Friday of every month, check out their recording rates, come jam with some fellow musicians and take a chance on performing on the on-line concert on 11.11.11!

For more information on how this can benefit you or your band, please contact Chere Rosa de Sharon at or 347-392-5149.


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