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The death penalty paradox: those who oppose, support abortion

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Let's face it. All too many Catholics have bought, hook, line and sinker, into the progressive mentality while, simultaneously, dieting, to the point of starvation, off of the (Eucharistic) Bread of Catholic Truth.

This has produced an interesting paradox.

For there is a 'legion' of cafeteria-American-Catholics who denounce capital punishment in the name of compassion. They claim that capital punishment (the death penalty) is an outdated, archaic, and non-evolved 'eye for an eye, and tooth for a tooth' mentality. They claim that killing in the name of the abhorrence-of-killing is nonsensical, oxymoronic, irrational ideology meant to keep minorities and poor people from power.

Whenever it comes to the death penalty, these cafeteria Catholic (truth nibblers) Americans, always wear their Divine Mercy compassion on their sleeve.

Yet, more often than not, these very same people have no problem killing innocent, unborn babies in the name of 'women's reproductive rights.' These same pseudo-disciples, moreover, while defending the murderer, gangster, drug dealer, and rapist, have no problem terminating granny through 'mercy killing.' Where is Divine Mercy found on their sleeve when dealing with these very real human people?

Now, the cafeteria progressive can attempt to turn the table on the Pro-Lifer who sees capital punishment as necessary for the habitually, chronically, and unrepentant terrorist, mass murderer, gangster, and sociopath. The cafeteria Catholic can claim that capital punishment supporters who claim to be Pro-Life are hypocrites because they are selectively Pro-Life.

But let's consider one thought pattern.

Pro-Life is consistent with life from conception (no abortions!) to natural death (no euthanasia!). Pro-Life can also be consistent with respecting Life so much that Justice, societal peace, and the symbolic condemnation of the grossest of sins (murder) are served in a small, but necessary, few cases when individuals, or groups, are hell-bent on killing human persons for personal gain through warped ideologies.

Catholic history (salvation history), in the Cross of Jesus, shows the power of capital punishment on human souls. Prison will never change the heart of the maniacal hater; but the death penalty just might. If the death penalty isn't a deterrence, prison isn't either. And prison might take the killer of the streets, but it endangers inmates and correctional employees for years on end.

Finally, a society without a symbolic rejection of the grossest of crimes is a society which will rationalize away each and every murderous tragedy.