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The death of shame

Small town America
Small town America
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People used to shun certain acts, ones that would brand them as undesirable. People thus choose to live a higher way of life, but not any more.

A pregnant teenage girl at one time was ashamed to show her face in public. Now they make maternity prom dresses. By eliminating the shame, we have sunk to a lower way of life.

President Clinton had affairs in the White House, professional athletes take steroids, and every lawyer is out to turn a buck, even if it means a nasty lawsuit.

We once lived in a higher way. This doesn’t mean in a puritan, judgmental, or Leave it to beaver sense that only included whites who conformed. We had spirituality, a connection to God. This doesn’t mean church attendance or adherence to a specific dogma. Shame wasn’t designed to paste a scarlet letter on someone, but to keep them from degrading to a lower way of life.

Parents used to teach these higher ways to their children, thus a daughter was told that it was shameful to be pregnant without being married. Shame set the boundaries, keeping her above this and on the higher path.

Things don’t have to be as they are now. If we rediscover our lost spirituality, we will once again have a society that walks a higher road.


  • M Otis Beard 5 years ago

    In a world with so many starving people, you should be ashamed of how fat you are. You should also be ashamed of subscribing to a mythology more suitable for Bronze Age shepherds than modern folk. Even if that doesn't bother you, you should be ashamed of believing anything as ridiculous and patently absurd as the idea that the omnipotent, omniscient creator of the universe had to come to Earth in human form and sacrifice himself to himself in order to change the rules he himself made.

    You're a fat idiot, throw your Bible in the trash and stop writing until you've done enough reading of secular material to have a decent enough education to recognize a fairytale when you see one.

  • K.Hall 5 years ago

    This article lacks actual content. It is an editorial, not news.

  • BC 5 years ago

    If I were you, I'd be ashamed to post a picture of my face next to this article's byline. Apparently Gluttony doesn't make an appearance on your list of deadly sins, Tom. Maybe you should look in the mirror before telling other people what they should be ashamed of.

  • biscuit 5 years ago

    Shame on you for judging! How dare you be so presumptuous as to assume that you understand what that higher path is. If you yourself were walking it you wouldn't be writing about others that aren't. Shame.

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