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'The Deadliest Catch' season 10 finale: Will this show be renewed or canceled?

Bill Wichrowski
Bill Wichrowski
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Tonight is the big season 10 finale of "Deadliest Catch" on Discovery. This show is a great one, but with the finale coming fans want to know if it will be back for another season or not. At this time, they aren't saying much. On Tuesday, EW shared a few spoilers about the big finale that will air tonight.

The finale tonight will be two hours long. There is a big storm coming which will cause problems for them of course. The Cornelia Marie is at the dock when the storm starts. They want to keep the boat safe, but have to find a way to keep themselves safe as well. The winds are up to 100 mph and this is causing all kinds of problems. You can check out a big preview on All Voices.

At this time, it is just being called a season finale. It is not said to be a series finale but there is no news about season 11 yet. Discovery isn't revealing that this show is renewed or canceled. They haven't even made a decision yet or if they have it has not been officially announced by the network.

The show went to their Facebook page teasing the big finale with a picture. The caption on it says, "For every calm day, a sailor must pay." There is no big news about if this show is coming back or not on their Facebook either. Fans are going crazy thinking that the season went by way too fast and saying that they want more of it. They would love to see it renewed.

Don't miss "Deadliest Catch" tonight on Discovery channel. It will air along with "The Bait" which will make for a great night of television for viewers. You don't want to miss these shows. Hopefully news will come out soon that this show was renewed for another season and it will be coming back next year.