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The Deadfields release Often Wrong Never In Doubt

The Deadfields - Often Wrong Never In Doubt
The Deadfields - Often Wrong Never In Doubt
The Deadfields

There is a lot of good music coming out of Georgia these days of every shape and form. No matter what your taste is there is something there to make you happy. One of these bands is the Deadfields, and their music is making a lot of people happy.

Loaded with enough banjo to make a bluegrass fan happy, enough twang to appease the country aficionado and the right amount of southern rock to win over a ‘Skynyrd’ loyalist, the Deadfields latest record, Often Wrong Never In Doubt, has something for everybody. The 12 track album kicks off with a jaunty tune about ‘cuttin’’ loose the wrong women. Listeners are bombarded with banjo on “Cuttin’ Ties” before the catchy lighthearted lyrics kick in about being blinded by what was thought to be true love and a pair of ‘sweet brown-eyes’. They shift gears on the track “Let It Rain” that is built around a train chugging beat and a sweet pedal steel guitar. With a classic country feel the song uses the rain as a metaphor for a bad stretch of life. I could almost hear Waylon, Willie or Cash singing this one. Rocking guitars lead the way as they take things a little harder on “The Road Beckons” a tune about wanderlust; I think every band has to write one of these songs at some point in their life, fortunately this one was done quite well. Two songs stand out on this record. One is the title track, “Often Wrong Never In Doubt”. A twang filled track that hits close to home, because I am ‘often wrong” but ‘Never in Doubt’. The other is the final track on the record, “The Joneses”, an epic tune about taking care of you and forgetting about keeping up with everybody else.

From start to finish this record is just fun. When you listen to the words the Deadfields are not singing about anything new but by not taking themselves too seriously they breathe new life into subject matter that has been covered by many a band, love, life and bad decisions. This record has something for everybody as the band cultivates a sound from some of their favorite music, country, rock and bluegrass. Don’t just take my word for it, go listen to the record and see for yourself, your ears will thank you.