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The dead resurrect in new, upcoming ABC show. No zombies, either.

Okay, so I kept seeing this commercial for an upcoming ABC show called Resurrection. It really caught my attention because the preview was sort of open-ended and left me wanting to find out more about it. In short, it was pretty amazing to watch. The only thing that I could figure out about Resurrection from that 30 second clip was that it is about the dead being resurrected to their former selves and being returned to their loved ones. In the clip, a young boy who died years ago comes back to life and hugs his dad when they're reunited. It made me think about how I would react if some of my deceased loved ones came back to life. Would I be able to handle that? I don't know.

Resurrection has left me wanting more

Fast forward to today. I did some internet digging, and I was able to find out a bit more about the show. For one, the show stars Omar Epps as a government agent who investigates the return of the once dead young boy found alive in a rice field in China. Kurtwood Smith (the dad from That 70s Show) and Frances Fisher play the older couple who are reunited with their son who died over 30 years ago in a drowning accident. Most of the projects that these actors are part of are relatively good, so I have hope for Resurrection. Also, the show is set in Arcadia, Missouri, and apparently, the dead being awakened is only happening in this town. There are also buried secrets that are somehow connected to all of these happenings.

Now, I know some Bible thumpers may feel a little uneasy about the premise of Resurrection, but I must say that I am going to give it a chance because I can't wait to see if it's well-written and acted. Most of all, I want to know what explanation they are going to give for how these people are coming back to life just as they were right before death.

Resurrection premieres Sunday, March 9 at 9/8c. Click on the video above to see the full-length series promo. It made me even more interested in watching it.

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