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'The Dead Files' returns for sixth season on Travel Channel this summer

'The Dead Files' returns for sixth season on Travel Channel this summer
'The Dead Files' returns for sixth season on Travel Channel this summer
Photo courtesy of the Travel Channel

The Travel Channel recently renewed "The Dead Files" for another season. The popular paranormal program premiered on September 23, 2011 and returns July 12, 2014 for its sixth season with new one-hour episodes airing every Saturday, the Travel Channel posted on their website today.

"The Dead Files" follows psychic-medium Amy Allan and retired twenty-one year veteran of the New York City Police Department Steve DiSchiavi as they investigate claims of paranormal activity. Allan claims to have a sixth sense that she uses to channel and communicate with spirits of the dead. She begins an investigation with a walk-through of clients' homes and she attempts to channel spirits that died on the property without knowing anything about the location. DiSchiavi is a former homicide detective and private investigator that uses his skills to gather facts about each case. He researches the history of the location and interviews eyewitnesses.

According to a press release from the Travel Channel, season six begins in Florida with a family that is worried that their hurricane-damaged home is haunted. DiSchiavi finds out that a deadly police shootout happened on the property in 1916 and Allan believes that a shadow person is attached to the home.

The Travel Channel also recently announced that they are bringing adventurer Joshua Gates' canceled show "Destination Truth" to the network to join "Dead Files" and "Ghost Adventures" on their paranormal lineup. The series aired on the Syfy channel for five seasons and will return as "Expedition Unknown" this fall. "Ghost Adventures" is currently the highest rated series on the Travel Channel and the show is on its ninth season. Additionally there is a spin-off series called "Ghost Adventures Aftershocks" that also airs on the network.

The Travel Channel's "The Dead Files" season premiere airs on Saturday, July 12, at 10 pm.