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‘The Dead Files’ moves to Saturday night for the sixth season

Amy Allan arrives to investigate the spirits
Amy Allan arrives to investigate the spirits
Courtesy of the Travel Channel

Travel Channel’s favorite partnership, former NYPD homicide Detective Steve DiSchiavi and medium Amy Allan, will soon be back solving paranormal mysteries across the United States on “The Dead Files.” DiSchiavi and Allan are known for their expertise in their separate fields—but when they partner together, look out! They travel far and wide to investigate and perhaps solve some of the most spine tingling paranormal investigations with “spot on” accuracy.

Stay tuned for the 6th Season of the Dead Files coming in July 2014
Courtesy of the Travel Channel

The new season of Travel Channel’s, “The Dead Files”, will premiere on Saturday, July 12, 2014 at 10:00 PM (ET/PT). DiSchiavi and Allan are heading back on the US highways to come to the aid homeowners and establishments in order to resolve paranormal history and mysteries at thirteen all-new haunted locations.

Those who have watch the show in the past know that the pair arrives separately on the scene. DiSchiavi and Allan investigate each case independently of one another to keep the integrity of their individual findings honest. Allan, a physical medium, can see and communicates with the dead. Retired NYC Detective, Steve DiSchiavi uses his homicide skills to research the facts. He is there to interview the witnesses, research records at the local archives library and gather information to help tell the history of the haunt. . The partners meet at the very end to reveal their findings to the homeowner. Offering advice, the partners hope to guide the families back to the norm.

In the July season premiere, Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan travel to Florida City, Florida. They will come to the aid of a family terrorized by frightening paranormal activity. The entire family sleeps in the same room at night to protect themselves from the terror. DiSchiavi discovers the property was once part of an area crushed by the hurricane and also near the scene of a fatal police shootout in 1916. Amy Allan comes on strong encountering many terrifying entities which includes a group of decaying zombie-like creatures. Be on the lookout for the dark shadow figure that has possessed the living for quite some time.

Some of the other upcoming investigations in Season 6 will take place in Abilene, TX; Chester Springs, PA; Flint, MI; Fort Barnwell, NC; Hanover, PA; Leslie, MI; Roseburg, OR; Santa Paula, CA; St. Louis, MO; Sumpter, OR; Toledo, OH; and Warsaw, IN.

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This information and photos were provided via email by the Travel Channel Media Contacts and Press preview Screening Room on the morning of June 3, 2014.