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The dead devour and the catastrophe continues, in Haven by Stevie Kopas

Stevie Kopas

The dead devour and the catastrophe continues, in Haven, follow up to The Breadwinner.

Haven, by Stevie Kopas, self published.

The end of the world is not glamorous. The survivors of The Breadwinner have barely escaped the clutches of the undead and are headed into the unknown, continuing their never ending search for solace in the post-apocalyptic landscape they were suddenly thrust into. The city of Haven, once a paradise for the living, but now crawling with the flesh hungry creatures they try so hard to elude, could be their only chance. Resume your post-apocalyptic survival adventure with Veronica, Samson and Ben as they struggle with hope and loss, and as they battle the futility of existence. Take on a new experience as you find yourself once more at the beginning, thrown into the depths of the end of the world with new survivors. Join Michelle and Lulu, ordinary women faced with extraordinary obstacles on their devastating journey and the pursuit of sanctuary in a world collapsed.

Haven continues the story of The Breadwinner with the addition of new territory, new characters, and new complications. The second book in The Breadwinner Trilogy will leave you stunned and bloodthirsty for the conclusion of the series. Who you once were still does not determine who you will become in the face of catastrophe, especially in Haven.


"Haven ends with such a bang that readers will scream for more. I know this because I kept trying to urge my eReader to move beyond the last page. Will anyone survive the H ell about to reign down on them? Haven has earned every bit of this five star rating, and then some." ~ Shana Festa, The Bookie Monster

"In a world filled with zombie fiction, The Breadwinner Trilogy stands out from the pack, hungrily gnashing its broken teeth. For once, I urge you to let it dig right in." ~ Jim Dodge, Mass Movement Magazine

Stevie Kopas was born and raised in New Jersey. She has been living in Florida since 2004. Stevie is the author of The Breadwinner Trilogy and Book 1, The Breadwinner, was her debut novel. Haven, the follow up to The Breadwinner was released February 2014. Stevie signed a publishing contract with apocalyptic publishers, Permuted Press, in May 2014. The third installment in The Breadwinner Trilogy, "All Good Things" is due out in 2015.

The official website of The Breadwinner Trilogy can be found at and you can become a fan on Facebook at

Stevie enjoys video games, everything horror, coffee and considers herself an apocalypse enthusiast. She enjoys getting in contact with her readers and if anyone would like to do an interview or request a review, please contact her at

Stevie is also the associate editor for the music and horror website Horror Metal Sounds: and she also does book reviews for The Bookie Monster.

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Tired of reading books with fairy tale endings? You'll find none of that in Time of Death: Induction by Shana Festa. These zombies do what they do best…Kill…Everyone. No one is safe.

Permuted Press was established in 2004 with a modest goal: to produce a single, high-quality zombie anthology titled The Undead. From this simple goal grew a publishing company that has published over 80 titles targeting the apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, and survival horror fiction markets. Permuted Press has relied heavily on the power of the internet and advances in publishing technology to establish itself as one of the best known publishers in the apocalyptic niche. Permuted has utilized print on demand (POD) technology, eBooks, and grassroots internet marketing to catch and cater to its ever growing fan base. Permuted Press is expanding its outreach to include fiction such as urban fantasy, paranormal/supernatural romance, and young adult fiction.

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