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The DCCFund for dogs and cats

Zuke's is helping the DCCFund help people financially unable to help their pets.
Zuke's is helping the DCCFund help people financially unable to help their pets.
The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund

Carrie from All Things Dog Blog recently posted a blog that is so near and dear to many pet parents’ hearts….the fact that their beloved four-legged companion has been diagnosed with cancer. What you may not have realized is that there is awareness out there for this type of critical time in you and your pet’s life. The organization that brings it all together is called the DCCFund.

DCCFund is a non-profit dog and cat cancer fund. In fact, DCCFund stands for Dog Cat Cancer Fund.

The group works together with veterinarians that assist needy families get the proper treatment for their domestic four-legged loved ones suffering from cancer. They help these families by offering grants that help scientists to conduct research into the next generation’s life-saving treatments.

The organization also promotes prevention by raising awareness. They help families to understand the risk factors and encourage early testing for canine and feline cancer. They make all of this possible from public contributions. With the help of contributors they have been able to save many a pet’s life; making is possible for people that would otherwise lose their pets to still have them.

Recently Event Barkers hosted their #FueltheLove Twitter Party featuring information on the Dog and Cat Cancer Fund and how the organization helps pet parents with the cost of cancer treatment. For those people that were able to participate on Sunday, June 22nd, they may have unknowingly helped to fund the charity as well.

Zuke's, makers of USA-made treats that focus on fueling your pet's active lifestyle, donated $5 per photo per pet to the charitable effort. All the participants had to do was submit a picture of their dog in his or her favorite activity and tag it @ZukesPets #FueltheLove. The great thing was that pet parents could upload several different photographs to share and to help with the fundraiser.

The DCCFund has established their fundraising goal to be $10,000 this year. Zuke's hopes to up their game when it comes to helping pet parents and to help organizations like the DCCFund help those same or similar pet parents. As an incentive to participate, Zuke’s has set aside several hundreds of dollars in treats showing how serious they really are about helping out.

If you missed this opportunity, there will be others. You can also make a donation on your own by going to and clicking on the donate button.

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