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The DC Snow Team wins another battle with the fourth snow event of the year

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The planning and preparation of the District of Columbia Snow Team proved that careful planning and administrative support can defeat a major snowstorm.

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The main streets of Washington were ready for the heavy traffic of the morning rush hour. With the District of Columbia Public Schools closed the traffic from school buses and mothers and fathers taking their children to school reduced traffic so snow plows were able to get to the snow and to get it out of the way.

The massive snowstorm of 2010 will never be forgotten by long time District of Columbia residents. A letter from then Mayor Adrian Fenty to the present writer correctly stated that snow removal is a coordinated with the Department of transportation; however, for people who were stranded in their vehicles or could not get out of their homes they blamed the District of Columbia chief executive.

The combined snow events of 2014 have already eclipsed the 2010 storm; but the memory of 2010 still lingers. In a drive across the city today found all main roads cleared of snow. With the encouragement of the mayor's office many private property sidewalks and walkways were also cleared of snow.

St. Patrick's Day celebrants were seen walking into their favorite pubs as if the snow had never fallen. Traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue flowed easily past the District of Columbia City Hall and continued past Congress to the end of the city line.

Snow plows and city workers were observed removing snow from city streets and city property from the early hours of the morning and throughout the day. Washington is a beautiful city. When city services work as well as they did today it makes the city even more beautiful.

Mayor Vincent Gray and his team in the District of Columbia served the customers and residents of the city well today.