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The DC Sniper chooses his fate.

John Allen Mohammed
John Allen Mohammed
Photo from the Sheriff's Office of Mont. Co., MD

Some of you may be wondering why Briana has been silent on the execution of the DC Sniper, John Allen Mohammed. Capitol punishment is indeed a sticky issue of which there is no right or wrong view. The bible tells us that "the wages of sin is death" (Rom. 6:23) and there is no other interpretation of this truth that can be misconstrued in any way. The bible also tells us that "we reap what we sow," (Gal. 6:7-9) which also speaks plainly and without error. In short, we choose our own fates. This is the basis of free will. If we choose to sin - we also choose to die. Some of us choose to die spiritually, some choose to die emotionally, and some choose to die physically. When John Allen Mohammed fired his first shot at one of God's own - he chose to die. Instead of confessing, repenting and turning himself in - he choose to continue on thus sealing his fate with every shot. Was is it right to execute him? Some will say yea and some will say nay but the laws of the land will always prevail. The law of the land says his actions warranted his death sentence and the Law of God says "thou shalt not kill." In Christ, one died for all. In John Allen Mohammed, one died for ten. The difference? Christ died for our sins while Mohammed died for his own.

Peace and Blessings



  • Mark 5 years ago

    Beautifully put. Thank you.

  • Aubrey 5 years ago

    While the wages of sin is indeed death, let's not confuse a spiritual death (which is the meaning behind the verse) versus a physical death (which seems like what is being pointed out here).

  • Brenda says... 5 years ago

    Briana I always enjoy your writings, but this one was almost a tear jerker...The things we do to ourselves......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Mother Mary... 5 years ago

    Great article...beautifully written, however by your own admission, the bible says thy shall not kill, and he was killed,

  • CeCe... 5 years ago

    Bri excellent and I do mean excellent article.Very well written and spoken, keep up the good work. Looking forward to other articles.

  • Mother 5 years ago

    Excellent. It is always good to have another perspective. To Aubrey, the article also states that the law of the land prevails. No one is above the law be it the law of the land or the law of the bible which law states 'thou shalt not kill' meaning there is a consequence for your action however it is played out.