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The DC lineup

Batman revealed for "Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice"
Batman revealed for "Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice"
Zack Synder

Recently rumors began to fly surrounding DC Comics and Warner Bros. movie schedule and fans were able to get an inside scoop on what to expect when. The list was released and then later confirmed by Kevin Smith (though he is not attached to anything in particular. The list goes as follows:

1. May 2016 – Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.
2. July 2016 - Shazam!
3. Late 2016 – Sandman
4. May 2017 – Justice League
5. July 2017 – Wonder Woman
6. Late 2017 – The Flash/Green Lantern team-up
7. May 2018 – Man of Steel 2

Now with all this being said it is important to note that this is still under speculation and that this could possibly change at anytime (knowing how things can change at the drop of a hat). However, with all this being announced it leaves even more questions for fans of the superhero film genre and the comic book fans that have followed them from the very beginning. Could all this just be a way to prove to Marvel that a competition has now begun? Or is this merely a way to throw fans off the track of what is really being planned, similar to that of Christopher Nolan who was notorious for “leaking” fake rumors about his beloved “Dark Knight Trilogy.” For the time being there is only a few ways of examining this news.

With news and photos circulating about “Dawn of Justice,” the cast of “Justice League” has in a way already been revealed. Obviously Henry Cavill will reprise his role of Superman with Ben Affleck returning as Batman. “Dawn of Justice” news has already revealed that Gal Gadot will become Wonder Woman, which if the studio will follow the comics, will definitely be a member of the superhero squad the Justice League. But some surprises have shocked news reviewers in that through the setup of Justice League, “Shazam” and “Sandman” seemed to have crept their way into the mix. “Shazam” seems to have stayed the most quiet and could maybe be a hidden addition to “Dawn of Justice.” The reveals of the other characters could just have been to create some separation between eager fans and where the DC franchise could be going.

But now how does this explain “Sandman?” For those who don’t know the graphic novel, “Sandman” will star the epic character of Dream. Dream has gone by many names during the series but has always been exactly what his name suggests, the embodiment of dreams. What is interesting about this choice is that the though the graphic novel, created by Neil Gaiman, does at times feature various characters from the DC universe he does not have any affiliation with the Justice League himself. So this brings about the question whether or not Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the rest of the creative team will stick to one of the many volumes of the graphic novel or merely create their own story. With such a different tone and set of characters this film will truly be the “odd-movie-out” in this lineup, though it is not yet clear if that is better or for worse.

With the critical disappointment of “Green Lantern” starring Ryan Reynolds it looks like Warner Bros. is quickly trying to reboot the series and bring back a fan base that was clearly offended. But what really raises eyebrows here is that there is a possibility of a Green Lantern team-up film next to “The Flash.” It could be that the Green Lantern film could mix with the character Oliver Queen, better known as Green Arrow played by Stephen Amell in the television show. Fan boys might begin to think this because of the classic comic book, which had the two characters teaming up. There was much speculation in whether or not DC would try and combine mediums and include their successful show “Arrow” and their newly planned film series.

This list of films does prove interesting and for the time being gives people something to think about. But could DC be counting their chickens before they hatch? To try and catch up with marvel it would seem Dc and Warner Bros. wants to waste no time in introducing their characters and construct a world for moviegoers to get lost in. DC already refuses to switch their release date of “Dawn of Justice” which is planned for the same day as “Captain America 3.” But this rush of characters could prove their downfall, for without plausible and well-formed character relationships this franchise might go down in flames. DC and Warner Bros. are making some moves that fans aren’t expecting and these surprises might very well help them create an audience. But until more can be confirmed all will have to sit and wait to see where this franchise will fit to next, unless it crashes like the many previous attempts.

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