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The day a famous rock group competed on 'The Dating Game'

Celebrity appearances were a regular occurrence on “The Dating Game,” whose host, Jim Lange, it was announced Feb. 27, died following a heart attack.

Three members of the Merry-Go-Round competed on "The Dating Game."
A&M Records

One such appearance was by members of the rock group The Merry-Go-Round, who had two Top 100 hits, "Live" and "You're a Very Lovely Woman, in 1967 on A&M Records. One of the group's members was Emitt Rhodes, who later had his own solo career and released several critically acclaimed albums.

The group appeared on the show on July 4, 1967, and opened the show singing “Live.” Three members of the group, bass guitarist Rick Day (Bachelor #1), rhythm guitarist Emitt Rhodes (Bachelor #2) (who we interviewed in 2009) and drummer Joel Larson (Bachelor #3), all competed for the affections of a young bachelorette.

As usual, the questions on the show were more for entertainment than for getting a date. You can watch the group's appearance in a video found on this page so we won't reveal the winner, but we will tell you she said she did like the guy's voice. And if the comments on YouTube are true, it was anything but a dream date.

(Thanks to Ray Paul.)

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