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The David Dog

New Britain Rock Cats Hot Dog
New Britain Rock Cats Hot Dog
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Traveling to visit other ballparks has more perks to it than being able to see Them play on their home field. One of those perks, believe it or not, is sampling the various types of food offered. While it might not be gourmet fare, it is always fun to taste the specials.

Sometimes it is surprising what you might find. For instance, the Single-A Aberdeen Iron Birds have a crab shack in right field. Some food specialties are sweet concoctions like the Portland Sea Dogs Biscuit. It is an ice cream sandwich featuring chocolate chip cookies. At the New Britain Rock Cats, you can get the inferno that is the David dog. This foot-long hotdog starts with a bun filled with crumbled barbecue potato chips. It is then dressed in sour cream, hot sauce, a mound of crumbled bacon and sliced scallions.

It was deliciously spicy. My mouth was saying thank you. However, after I ate three-quarters of this foot-long flamethrower, my stomach was saying what are you thinking!

It would be wise to bring your Tums, Rolaids or maybe a fire extinguisher before sampling this firestorm. While I had none of these emergency items handy, there was an ice cream stand nearby that worked just as good.
I failed to ask about the name, but an Army Sergeant suggested Dragon's Acid Volcanic Incendiary Device. It may be funny, but after eating one of these yummy hot dogs, the Sergeant's suggestion sounds more than reasonable. In fact, having a sea dogs biscuit sounds like an excellent way to restore feeling to the inside of my mouth. Think I might have one at the next game and a root beer float as well.

The Sea dogs return from their road trip on Monday, July 28 at 7:00 PM. Summer evenings in Maine are perfect for family outings. Bring the family, cheer on the league leading Sea Dogs and enjoy a sea dog biscuit. Remember to grab your glove, and I will see you at Hadlock Field.

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