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The DAV returns dignity to those who’ve served

Money raised helps veterans live better lives.
Money raised helps veterans live better lives.
Disabled American Veterans

If you can, try to imagine just what it must be like to be 18-years-old and be drafted into the military. Experts tell us that our hippocampus is not even fully developed until sometime just before our mid-20s but evidently, those being called to serve are emotionally able to handle war and all of the destruction that it brings; at least that is what our government believes.

To add fuel to that fire, when the war is over and troops come home, are they welcomed with open arms and fully supported by the government that sent them to do their bidding in the first place? Absolutely not! In fact, it is private and charitable organizations that offer support and jobs so that the individuals that fight for our freedom have some sort of a transition back into real life; albeit it may not be as smooth as they would like.

Like one veteran has stated to the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) organizational providers, “It felt so surreal ― like something you’d see in a movie, only you couldn’t close your eyes at the parts you didn’t like ― not if you wanted to stay alive!” And this is what needs to be overcome; that and the fact that veterans somehow don’t seem to qualify for real jobs once they have served.

Although many of us who have never given that wholeheartedly of ourselves fail to understand what soldiers go through when the noise of shots and explosions occur day and night and they witness just horrible things, including watching some of their friends perish, we do know about PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and what the soldiers need to overcome when all is said and done.

Thanks to the DAV, the soldiers get the help that they need. They even get to heal by having reunions and doing some crazy maneuvers like parachuting when they are senior citizens. Why not? They do deserve a little fun!

DAV makes it possible for “friends to help friends” by providing them the outlet to do so. Contributors feel as though they are doing their part to keep those that keep our freedom alive and well some good. They even get to take a tax deduction for their kind deed. Everyone wins in the end!

With organizations like the Disabled American Veterans it just goes to show that every little bit matters. Soldiers get the benefits that they rightfully deserve and the general public gets to celebrate the fact that they can somehow pay these dedicated men and women back for their service.

Keep the DAV alive by contributing today. Send a gift of $25, $50, $100, or more now.

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