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The Dating Doctor



St. Valentine with all his beautiful and not-so-beautiful wisdom and tormented history has set a side a specific day in the year for people to express their love to one another. There will be flowers, chocolates, cards and presents galore from people to people desperately trying to show their affection. However, there is another side to this tale of heart and balloons... the troubled side.

These people maybe someone that doesn't have a Valentine, or is having problems with their current partner or they are just not into relationships. We all know somebody like that; it may be a neighbor, or your friend, or a couple of your friends, or yes, it can even be you. Relationships are hard and the holidays put unwanted pressure and stress.

No worries, David Coleman, the dating doctor is here. Your personal Hitch has arrived and is ready to see you at FIU and the best part is that it is FREE for EVERYONE, FIU student or not. Event details are as follows:

WUC Theater, Biscayne Bay Campus at 8:00 p.m. tonight, Wednesday, February 10th.

Give your self the opportunity to love and be loved in the correct way, the way you and your partner deserve. If you have any questions, please feel to contact me or simply post a comment.


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